j stamp

I am a prisoner of war and I currently reside in the occupied country of Amerika. I have lost all of my rights. However, there is still a ray of hope and please realize that I would never want to be put in the position of providing false hope and perpetuating a myth that Donald Trump could possibly stay in office and Biden would be exposed for the traitor and criminal that he and his family represent. However, Part Two of this series will examine the facts and attempt to answer the question: Is there anyway to relieve of the nightmare called Joe Biden?

80 Million Americans Have Been Cancelled

It is dangerous territory to travel down to even suggest that the election was stolen. Your book deal, your website, your business and soon, even your freedom will be in jeopardy for merely wondering out loud if there was any impropriety in the 2020 election. Even members of the House and Senate are being threatened for making such “absurd” and “conspiratorial” claims that there was any fraud in the election.

Americans are just simply supposed to forget about the thousands of discarded Trump votes, found in dumpsters, cornfields, etc. PRIOR to the election. The election should have been cancelled at this point and paper ballots substituted for voting machines. Instead, America has witnessed the greatest crime in its country’s history, the theft of our country by communist-serving forces, and nobody is allowed to speak of it. Forget the primetime, mainstream media videos which showed poll watchers blocked from watching and reporting the cheating. On election night, I was sent videos of widespread voter fraud in Maricopa County, AZ., in which sharpies were mandated for use by conservative voters which served to disqualify their ballots and subsequent votes for Trump. I am just supposed to ignore all the evidence. i AM SIMPLY SUPPOSED TO ACCEPT THE WORD OF THE "PRAVADA MEDIA" INSTEAD OF BELIEVING MY OWN LYING EYES. 

Cancel America

America doesn’t just live in a “cancel culture”, we live in a “cancel thinking” demonic existence. Today, as a result of this massive voter fraud, America lives in an occupied country and we are in free speech martial law. I am prepared to deal with CHICOM-serving Biden and his CCP policies designed to separate me from my liberties, political voice, money and property. I am full aware that I am a prisoner of war to the New World Order their world policeman’s commandant, the CHICOMS are in full control of our so-called “selected, not elected” Czar. Yes, Biden is a selected Czar! I will never call him President Biden. He is “Czar Beijing Joe the First-Aka The Demented” and that will forever be Biden’s legacy.

Biden is the perfect puppet. Simply wave a woman, any woman, or girl in front of him, wearing strong-smelling hairspray, and his Chinese handlers have his attention. The Executive Branch of the government has indeed become a mafia operation devoid of any semblance of the rule of law. This is the perfect environment for the Biden crime family to do the bidding of the CHICIMS.

Making a List and Checking It Twice

I am now told that I have been put on several lists. Why, I asked? The answer: Because I dared to support Trump and vote for him. I have been told by dozens of leftist agents masquerading as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Fox, ABC journalists that I need to be “deprogrammed” and “re-educated”. Re-educated? Deprogrammed? This is the language of genocidal rulers such as Hitler, Mao and Stalin. These threats have carried over to our radical politicians serving in Congress. There are 80 million people that they want to put away and if history is the accurate judge of these kinds of threatening labels, I should be willing to give up all my rights, my money and property to these radical leftists who have declared war on me because I refuse to submit to their perverted world view where the family is evil and all white people are racist. I am left wondering, with the fate that awaits me, if my descendants will one day be demanding the defunding of America’s secret Stasi police and the receipt of reparations for prejudicial and genocidal behavior against white people and Christians as a whole.

As I look and listen to the calls from Democrats and media talking heads that I need to be deprogrammed in some camp, I am wondering if I should not just save them the trouble simply and immediately place a “J Stamp” directly on my driver’s license as long as I am permitted to travel. What Hitler was unable to impart upon the German people, the imposition of the inability of buy or sell, modern technology, under Demented Joe, will complete Hitler’s, err.. Satan's mission.

Remember to be a good little Nazi and don't forget your face mask and your J Stamp. They say bad things come in 3's, what will be the third element of this unfolding persecution?

Is all lost? Maybe not! The military is refusing to cooperate with Biden’s people and this will be the topic of the next installment in this series.