Enjoy These Moments, Because The Outlook For After Thanksgiving Is Not Promising At All




I understand that may be difficult for many of you to hear, because we are already dealing with so much.  The worst inflation crisis in decades has been eviscerating our standard of living, major layoffs are being announced all over the nation, the housing market has started to crash, and the fallout from the collapse of FTX threatens to push over more financial dominoes in the weeks ahead.  Unfortunately, now we potentially have another major problem to add to the list.  One of the largest rail unions just voted down a tentative agreement, and so now a national railroad strike in December is a very real possibility

The likelihood of a strike that would paralyze the nation's rail traffic grew on Monday when the largest of the 12 rail unions, which represents mostly conductors, rejected management's latest offering that included 24% raises and $5,000 in bonuses. With four of the 12 unions that represent half of the 115,000 rail workers holding out for a better deal, it might fall to Congress to impose one to protect the U.S. economy.

Now that SMART-TD has become the fourth union to reject the tentative labor deal that was on the table, preparations for a crippling nationwide railroad strike that would begin early next month will rapidly move forward.

Such a strike would cripple thousands of supply chains from coast to coast, and even CNN has been forced to admit that an extended strike “could cause shortages and higher prices for goods including fuel and food”…

If a strike goes on for an extended period, it could cause shortages and higher prices for goods including fuel and food. If the four unions that rejected the deals are unable to reach new deals before strike deadlines, Congress could order the railroad workers to remain on the job or return to work.

The good news is that this labor dispute will eventually be resolved one way or another.

But even without a national railroad strike, most experts were already forecasting a dismal month of December.

According to the Wall Street Journal, consumers and businesses are both “bracing for a humbug holiday season”…

Households, retailers and charities nationwide, feeling the pinch of inflation, are bracing for a humbug holiday season.