Exclusive! The Biggest Scandal In American History About to Be Revealed


Impeachment and the possible conviction, or exoneration of Donald J. Trump is not guaranteed either way. This is easily the biggest scandal in American history. 

Key Democrats Are Guilty of Massive Corruption In Ukraine

In the following broadcast, Dave Hodges read directly from a State Department memo which implicatedHunter Biden bribes (eg Latvia, Burisma), John Kerry's stepson (Burisma) and Joe Biden (Burisma with regard to malfeasance of office and bribery). 

In November, I was pointed in the direction by an insider where I could find proof that linked the Bidens et al to corruption the Ukraine. I was fearful of hanging on to the information, for personal safety reasons, so I made a raw read of the document live on the air as soon as I accessed the document. This was not a rehearsed, but rather a spontaneous reading of damning information which conclusively incriminated key DNC members and eventually some Republicans as well. 

The evidence against the Bidens, John Kerry's son and a whole host of Democrats and Republicans is strong. 

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Rudy Giuliani@RudyGiuliani

Dem’s impeachment for innocent conduct is intended to obstruct the below investigations of Obama-era corruption:

- Billions of laundered $
- Billions, mostly US $, widely misused
- Extortion
- Bribery
- DNC collusion w/ Ukraine to destroy candidate Trump

Much more to come.


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The evidence is so strong, that Giuliani was afraid of being Arkancided so he issued the following warning that he, indeed, had a dead man switch in which all would be revealed shouldn he meet an untimely end. 

I was informed by a deep-insider source that Trump was well aware of who was involved and he was fully intent on exposing all the corruption in any potential impeachment hearings in the Senate. You can bet that several key Democrat and Republican Senators are checking their maps in search of countries that do not have an extradition agreement with the United States. 


The Wrong Assumption

Most people correctly assumed that President Trump would be impeached by the House, largely along party lines. The vast majority of those people wrongly assumed that the conviction for impeachment would be quickly and decisively defeated. The latter assumption could not be more erroneous. 

Mike Adams nailed a real threat to Trump's Presidency because Republican Senators have been canvassed and threatened by Mitt Romney, John Bolton and Paul Ryan that their past "indiscretions would come out if they did not vote for conviction on the Trump impeachment charges. 

From Mike Adams on December 15, 2019. 

What Trump and Giuliani are actually uncovering in all this is the stunning truth that many Americans would be shocked to realize: High-level government officials of BOTH parties — including U.S. Senators — routinely plunder foreign aid cash flows to pad their own pockets.

This is almost certainly why GOP Sen. Lindsay Graham is promising to cut short the post-impeachment Senate trial and make sure no witnesses are called who might uncover this massive financial scandal involving both political parties. The swamp is now so saturated with corruption and lies that it cannot even allow any honest investigation without risking its own demise.

United States Senators have long been part of this looting operation, skimming from foreign aid funds which are redirected back to their own pockets in exactly the way Joe Biden and Hunter Biden orchestrated....

How are some of the Senate Republicans compromised? Based on deep cover information, on November 2, 2019, I predicted on The Common Sense Show that Republicans would be compromised based on Epstein-style blackmail operations and Trump stood a good chance of getting convicted on the Impeachment charges in the Senate:

The process of impeachment is meaningless. Schiff’s unconstitutional and illegal behavior would amount to nothing except he is 1933 Adolph Hitler. The Republican Party is almost as corrupt as the Democrats. Many have been framed on key votes for years (eg Obamacare). The book the Franklin Scandal and many others have discussed how freshman senators and congressman are wined, dined and compromised when they are first elected. In part, it is an Epstein process.


Presently, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and John Bolton have been canvassing the Republicans on selling them a Mike Pence Presidency, or else. This has always part of the plan. If it wasn’t please tell me why Pence started a 2020 Presidential PAC called the Great Committee and began to wine and dine key Republican contributors, many in the military-industrial-complex?

This is why I have been telling my audience to write to the key and knowingly compromised Republican Senators and telling them that if they vote for impeachment, that whatever skeletons they are concealing, the public will turn over every rock and look under every bed to expose their level of corruption and reveal it to all. The Senate is in the process of being compromised on this basis. They have less than 10 votes to procure a conviction vote. This process is so illegitimate. These Republicans that the Hindenburgs’ of the their day. Schiff is Hitler.

On November 18, 2019, at 2:16 thru 2:58 on the following broadcast, I repeated something I have said 11 times in October and November when I implored America to contact their Republican Senators and tell them that if they dare to vote for impeachment, there will be nowhere that they can hide. Whatever sex crimes they are hiding, we will expose and end their political career and possibly their freedom. 

How did I know? I have been fortunate enough to have very good sources. I can also state with confidence that Trump not only knows of this plot, he has the goods on everyone of the Republican Senators who would dare trade their impeachment vote for momentary solitude and protection. 

The conspiracy is doomed to failure. This is why Trump is so dead set on a trial in the Senate. He wants to expose the despots and traitors in both the Democratic and Republican Party cartels. 

Part II of this series will explore what is going to happen next and we will not have to wait for long until this issue is decided, one way or another.