Hide Your Food Before Continuity of Government Forces Swat Team You-Bob Griswold


Recently, Bob Griswold and I engaged in an interview. He mentioned that the Government was gathering available night vision and his back orders had pushed him to the back of the line. He did not say that his night vision was confiscated or that he was swat-teamed, yet some journalists embellished the truth. So, Bob came on my show and cleared this up. However, in the course of the interview, Bob and I got into a fascinating discussion about Continuity of Government principles. 

If the government wants, or needs your food, they can take it. If the government wants your water filtration devices, they can take it. They can take whatever they want under continuity of government policies. Subsequently, Bob Griswold and myself engaged in a very productive discussion about hiding one's cirtical assets so the "Continuity of Government" forces cannot strip you of all your valuable resources when they barge into your home. 

Bob Griswold also offered to consult, FOR FREE, with any person who would like more informationon how to conceal your cirtical and life-saving assets. 

Bob can be reached at 800-627-3809. 

Also, Bob will be sharing his expertise at the upcoming True Legends conference this July10-12 in Branson, Missouri at the True Legends Gen Six Conference