If You Are On the List, Should You Expatriate?


There are some that I know that think it is time to leave the USA. In part they are right. We are overrun with ISIS, the drug cartels, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Chinese MS-13 et al. The UN has a presence in our country. All of these forces are waiting for a predetermined signal to unleash holy hell on America. If one is going to get out, now is the time. IF and when the left takes over, there will be FEMA camps and beheadings. America's security hangs by thread. We are on the precipice of unparalleled violence and false flag attacks because the radical left is losing in the present moment. Subsequently, I have to answer the question: Should I stay of should I go?

The Future Is Never Guaranteed

Bolivia and China are operating off of lists. If one's name or group is on "the list", then it is to the concentration camp with them. Everything Chinese is coming here. They control Hollywood, the NBA and they own the backdoor tools to our grid. In the face of social media scores, why is the public so blind to the tyranny of the Chinese. 

Against all common sense and against all the clear warnings of what lies ahead for many of us, I am still not going to leave my country. I am going to stand and fight.

I am reminded of the story of an American man lamenting about the fact that the Soviets and the Americans would someday engage in a devastating nuclear war. The man researched and studied the best place to relocate to in order to avoid what he felt was the coming nuclear holocaust.  He literally took years before deciding to move as he studied prevailing wind patterns, alliances between the Soviets and the Americans before deciding to relocate. Eventually, he decided to move to the Falkland Islands 32 years ago. Subsequently, his new home was shelled and bombed by the British in the Falklands War with Argentina and the man lost family members. I know that it is impossible to prepare for all eventualities.

Americans Have Three Options

As I see it, Americans have three choices if they think they are on the list:

1. We can leave the country for a less volatile place and hope we do not end up in a Falklands War type of situation which was described earlier in the article.

2. There are places we could emigrate to which would buy us a little time against the full roll-out of tyranny.

3. We could simply lay down and take our beating as so many victims of genocide have in the past. Or, we can resist the final stages of tyranny and pay for our disobedience with our lives. All three of these options are a lose-lose-lose scenario. But for the life of me, I cannot conceive of a fourth option. Before you write to me and tell me to pray, I already have and I feel that I am being led to stay and accept whatever consequences come my way.

Against My Better Judgment…

I know I should move to Iceland, Ecuador or Norway and keep a low profile. I do not know how much time such a move would buy me, perhaps five to ten years. I know that eventually tyranny will chase me across the national boundaries on this planet. America is my home.

No matter how corrupt and how evil much of the ruling elite truly are, I love my life in America. I truly love being an American with all of our fascinating diversity, our customs and traditions. Every day, I still see the traits of what once made America. I see these traits in many of my friends and colleagues. I have met wonderful Americans in the liberty movement who exemplify honor and decency. Overwhelmingly, Americans are a good people as we are kind and generous. We are a talented and a wonderfully creative people. Americans are special, but we have become a ship without a rudder because we presently lack moral and wise leadership because we have bought into accepting the morality of the banksters who have hijacked the government. And as we are finding out, Donald Trump cannot do it by himself. Since I am choosing to stay and fight, one might wonder what am I going to do to contribute to the restoration of my country?  I am going to continue on my present path of writing and broadcasting what I feel is the truth. We all have gifts to contribute to the cause of freedom and we need to collectively employ them because time is short.

I Fear Being On the Wrong Side of History

I truly believe that there is a spiritual solution to every problem. Our spiritual arsenal is our last line of defense. Perhaps a miracle lies in our country’s collective future. But make no mistake about it, we are losing and we are losing badly. Fundamentally, you must decide if are you a coward or do you have courage? What do you want your legacy to be? For you people who work for DHS, the NSA or any other globalist serving entity, I cannot imagine how you ever go home and tell your children that your employment helps people. If you serve the beast, you are on the wrong side of history and that is a terrible place to be. There is no honor in treason or in being a bully of historical proportions. Perhaps it is too late to save America from her apparent and ultimate fate. However, I fear betraying my honor and my faith more than I do facing death. Which do you fear more? This is the ultimate question. If you believe that you are ever going to have complete freedom in this lifetime, then you are absolutely deluding yourself and you have missed the point. Engaging in the struggle against the globalists may preserve some level of freedom, but complete freedom will never occur. What most people do not fully realize is that we are not fighting for ideals.

In the 2020 election, we are fighting for the right to exist.

If America falls, the world falls. America is the last hope for humanity.

America, very well, maybe the last hope of Christianity on this planet in the present era.