Impeachment or Indictments? Who Will Win the Race? The Latest on the Dems vs Trump

pelosi and beto and nieto

 Even Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck are saying that Civil war seem inevitable. Ron Paul and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts have made very similar statements. Rush Limbaugh has said it often, “Civil War appears to be inevitable”. Many, too many to mention believe that Civil war has already broken out, it is just that the Civil War has started and the bodies will soon follow.

Mark Levin

Two days ago, on October 26, 2019, Twitter was abuzz with the fact that Mark Levin was reporting that Andrew McCabe was singing like a canary. I had this information three days ago and was told to not interfere in the process and to please not report it, not just yet. I knew Levin was correct, but said no more that big things are only days away.

The President of New California, Paul Preston

Paul Preston, due to his role  as being the President of New California, is very dialed in with the Trump administration. Don’t forget, the future governor of New California is Rick Perry, who just resigned his cabinet post, with Trump’s blessing to become executive head of the movement. Trump’s administration is fully on board with New California and Perry’s appointment is just one more proof of this fact.

On the same day as the tweet from Levin, Preston reported to me that McCabe was given the opportunity to provide state’s evidence in a pre-indictment deal. He was caught lying and was sent home and the deal was cancelled. McCabe packed a bag and was going “to make a run for it and leave the country” when the FBI agents who were tailing him stopped him and took him into FBI headquarters. It is noteworthy that Alex Jones on 10/27 reported on Infowars that indictments are “looming” as the Deep State turns up the heat on Trump.

Similar Path

I was originally told to withhold the information that Barr was in the process of empaneling a grand jury and Andrew McCabe was likely the first target. I was asked to withhold this information until the information could be placed within a context that would not reveal the agency of the format. With the release of the information described above. I published a broadcast on these facts.

October 27, 2019

On this date, all hell literally broke loose. This is the day that Paul Preston told me about McCabe trying to make a run for it and I had the exact same information. Levin reported the empaneling the Grand Jury against McCabe which was different than what he said the day before when it was noted McCabe was singing. When I learned that McCabe had lied to the DOJ and his deal was off the table, it all fit into place. However, this is not the end fo the story. Both Paul Preston and myself, through different sources, tell us that McCabe may be offered a second chance. However, if he lies again, he will be charged with lying to federal officials in addition to his role in the Steele Dossier.

Paul Preston also has information that despite James Comey’s bravado that he welcomes telling his story to the Feds, he is secretly telling investigators what he knows.

Preston and I have also learned that Peter Strzok’s illicit lover, Lisa Page, with whom Strzok exchanged many incriminating text messages with, is also singing to the DOJ. When readers have previously heard that the DOJ investigation changed from an inquiry to a criminal investigation, Page's testimony what was behind the investigation. Page supposedly implicated McCabe and this is why he was questioned. By the way, Strzok remains uncooperative and he sued 60 days ago to get his job back at the FBI.


Pelosi recently traveled with several Congressional members for the Democratic Party to Italy. Her chief reason for going was to keep the hopes of impeachment alive as she was hoping Italian officials would provide her with evidence of Trump’s quid pro quo behavior with the Italians. The inquiry was met with disdain by Italian officials. However, something noteworthy did take place on Pelosi’s visit. The Trump-friendly Italian government put Pelosi under surveillance and wiretapped her.

The readers may recall that yesterday, I published an article in which I published a photo of Beto O’Rourke and Nancy Pelosi “hanging out” with former Mexican President Nieto. It is a very poorly kept secret that Nieto was paid $100 million by Chappo Guzman to allow the Sinaloa Cartel to continue operate with impunity. Nobody ever accused Pelosi of being bright. Why she would be seen with Nieto with her open border policy was stupid. For Beto it was even worse. He was accused by Ted Cruz of expressing the desire of Beto legalize all drug to go along with this opern border policy. It is amazing that these two would be seen with Nieto and that fact cannot be understated.

Pelosi fell into the stupid water again. While in Italy, Pelosi met with Guzman’s wife and they discussed obtaining Pelosi’s help in keeping her son free as he runs the Sinaloa cartel. As the reader may recall, the Mexican National Guard has flirted with arresting and releasing Guzman’s son. Both Paul Preston and myself have this information.

From my subsequent inquiries, I have learned that the Italian surveillance of Pelosi will not likely be admissible into evidence because there is not American warrant on file. However, it does tell investigators where to look for more impropriety. For example, in yesterday’s article, I covered the fact that Beto is a serial criminal. This criminality carried over into his campaign financing in his bid to unseat Ted Cruz in the last election cycle.

Beto claims that he NEVER accepts corporate campaign funds of PAC money. Ted Cruz accepts both. However, in some type of fundraising miracle, Beto’s campaign donations more than doubled Cruz and almost led him to victory (49% to 51%). When we add in Beto’s open borders and legalization of drugs beliefs, the DOJ could be expected to open an investigation into Beto O’Rourke. This would destroy the Democratic Party in 2020 if a still-standing Presidential candidate was taken down in the manner insinuated here.



It is improtant to note that Andrew McCabe was not likely running from the government. He was running from someone who cannot take any chances as to what he will tell the DOJ.


This is merely a progress report. Paul Preston and one of my deep-cover stories for this story assures me that although the DOJ is trying to remain obscure, there are leaks everywhere, so we have not heard the last of the coming shakeup of the Democratic Party. But before you breakout into your happy dance please realize that Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and John Bolton are pitching a Pence Presidency to the Senate in exchange for votes to convict Trump should impeachment proceedings come to the Senate. The word on the street is that these three anti-Trumpers are going after the Senators who are already compromised in some way, usually sexual, and they can be turned with a little applied blackmail. I was told yesterday, that they are within 10 vote of getting what they want.