A Pandemic Marks the Worst Time to Be A Prisoner and Under Quarantine, We Are All Prisoners


This is not  good time to be a prison inmate in America. If the Coronavirus grows to exponential numbers of victims, prisoner well-being will be in extreme jeopardy. This article explores the possible fate of prisoners in the event of an extreme pandemic. So why should you read this article if you are not an inmate? In martial law (ie quarantine), we are all prisoners. 

Let's begin with an email about what is going on with the Ohio prison system. What began as a questionable tip has been validated by an official release from the Ohio Department of Corrections. 

Hello Dave

My spouse works in the OHIO PRISONS as a ____________________.

My spouse just received an email from the GOVERNOR's OFFICE & The DIRECTOR of OHIO STATE PRISONS stating: 





I have asked my spouse a few weeks ago to find out what the PRISON POLICIES are under SHTF SCENARIO.

However, the DIRECTORS are NOT divulging that INFORMATION.

I didn't think they would anyway.

So I guess we will soon see what happens in the PRISON SYSTEMS all over the country in the next few months when the SHTF like ITALY.

Is this email accurate or is it just the figment of an over-active imagination? It just so happens this is true.

From News 5 in Cleveland:The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has suspended inmate visitation indefinitely as a precautionary measure to stop the spread of coronavirus. According to ODRC, the following safety measures have been implemented:

  • Visiting will be suspended indefinitely;
  • Volunteers entering our facilities will be suspended indefinitely;
  • Only mission critical contractors (construction, medical, food service, etc.) will be permitted to enter the facilities. Mission critical will be determined by the managing officer; ...


I received this email tip 3 days ago before acting on it. However, this is not the only conversation I have had on the topic of inmate disposition from recent days to years in past.

What about the statement that the decision on what to do with inmates in an extreme crisis is not properly answered in the email because presumably, the department heads aren't talking. If something is this secret, when it comes to public policy governed by law, it cannot be good. However, this is a very a good question, with regard to what will be the policy to deal with inmates in times of extreme crisis? For example, in the heat of the moment of a pandemic, will they just be left to die in their prison cells? This is not a far-fetched question to ask. 

San Quentin

Eleven years ago, I interviewed the first female guard, Barb Peterson, employed at San Quentin Prison. We discussed matters related to this question. At the time that Peterson worked in the prison system, she said the policy, not to be discussed, was to execute the prisoners. There are really only two possibilities and they would be gunshot and/or the use of drug cannisters. 

Today's Response From a Federal Law Enforcement Agent

Recently, I had this same discussion with a senior federal law enforcement agent. We specificially discussed how Obama's Executive Order 13603 would be employed with regard to conscripting civilian labor (ie slave labor CHICOM style). He stated quite clearly, that the prisoners would be the first recruited to fill mission critical needs and there was about 2 million inmates to choose from. 

Another federal official told me that veterans could be recruited from prision to supplement manpower shortages in key law enforcement activities involving the use of contracted military. 

Human Experimentation and Mission Critical Deployment 

In a very disturbing conversation I had with a high-ranking official in the Arizona Department of Corrections with whom I attended grad school with about this issue. This unnamed official told me that if the crisis was a pandemic, extreme measures could be employed. Some prisoners, could be recruited to participate in vaccine and other medical treatment experiments in order to validate the safety of a medical treatment. These people would be incentivized from the ranks of the hopeless (ie death row with a possibility of a reduction of sentence). I asked by whose authority that would be granted. The source said the decision would come from the Federal government which contains some draconian provisions on what the government can do with regard to experimenting on Americans. At the time, I learned of this, I determined that they were talking about Federal Law USC 50, Section 32 and Section 1520.

The only requirement for the implementation of this law was that someone from the federal government had to inform someone in a local governmental position before implementing the experiment. This law was passed to ward off future law suits from the revelations of past bad acts performed on the American people by rogue agents and rogue agencies in events such as MK-Ultra. The report requirement imposed by the law on the federal government prior to implementation of the experiment did not specify the type of public official that had to be notified. It could the dog catcher or a ditch digger. The law was nebulous for a reason. The law has since been repealed and its blanket coverage protection has been scattered to the winds but most of the provisions are still codifed into law. In other words, the government can do what they want with you in times of emergency, prisoner or law-abiding citizen. 

                              Arizona Governor Ducey

Last evening on TV Channel 3, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey publicly stated that he can ban private and public gatherings, impose the strictest of quarantines, relocate populations, impose travel restrictions and issue communications provisos. The National Guard can be used in the enforcement phase. 

This is classic Continuity of Government practices. Resistance is largely futile. When quarantines are put into place, this is tantamount to the strictest of martial law procedures. You have no rights as your civil liberties are obliterated. 

One more thing, it would be wise for you to hide your guns, food and water. As the previously mentioned senior law enforcement agent told me, "if we want your food and water, we are going to take it".

In a quarantine situation, it is best to be very inconspicuous as you want the eyes of potetial predators and law enforcement to roll right over you. So, depending on how bad the present set of circumstances gets, remember, we are all prisoners under martial law and quarantines are indeed martial law.  

Last night, President Trump took the first step in imposing travel restrictions to Europe. How bad will it get? Ask me when the supply chain chaos peaks in April. Riots will be the major problem facing the government and that is the time that all hell could break loose.