Sam Honnold and Dave Hodges Clearly Demonstrate China's Takeover of Mexico in Preparation for a Red Dawn Invasion

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I have been interviewing Sam Honnold since 2019. He maintains a website in which he provides in depth evidence as to the growing CHICOM influence in Mexico in preparation for a Red Dawn invasion of the United States. 

On independent paths, Pastor Sam Honnold and myself have reached the same conclusions in that China needs to Mexico to fall completely into their sphere of influence as they need this country to host the Red Dawn invasion that is coming our way.  AMLO's recent alliance with President Trump has put a roadblock in these plans. Chaos has ensued and the internal strife is significant. This article casts some light on this issue. This report is an overview of the work of Sam Honnold and how it coincides with the warnings issued by the CSS

The good work of Sam Honnold Which Parallels what the CSS has been publishing on this topic: 

From Sam Honnold:

The following are two maps of CHICOM sponsored destabilization efforts designed to attack the US once operation control is gained in Mexico's northern states, with or without AMLO's support. (Editor's Note: These areas are the ones that the CSS has previously identified that the cartels are proudly displaying their mechanized and heavy weapons gifts. Can you say Obama/Holder/CHICOM alliance as the weapons suppliers to the cartels?)

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Sam Honnold stated, "As previously reported, the governors of these two Mexican states are leading a deep state- and CIA-backed effort to destabilize the border region which has gained new momentum in the last 48 hours in both Tamaulipas (above) and Chihuahua (below)."

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The CSS has concluded from the timely information provided by Sam Honnold that the cartels and these criminal governors of these specific Mexican states are trying to destabilize this region in an attempt use these areas in the following manner:

1. To develop a base of operation from which the CHICOMS are going to try and overthrow AMLO and his opposition to Mexico from being used as a base of operations from which to launch a future attack (ie Red Dawn) from this area. 

2. This will be launch points for the inevitable Red Dawn invasion. Please keep in mind that the CSS has already published accounts from PEMEX (state-owned oil company) that the Chinese are using the corporation to establish refineries and oil supply lines to the border area, which would be need by military launching an invasion. 

The Plot Thickens

Personal Communication From Pastor Sam Honnold:

1.  AMLO spoke about the arrest of General Cienfuegos, asking why only Mexican officials were being arrested when plenty of Americans are complicit, specifically mentioning Fast & Furious (a sore spot for Mexicans who know the US deep state armed the cartels). 

2. The communist "MAS" party won the presidency yesterday in Bolivia by a margin of 20 percent!  This is the party of Evo Morales's narco-dictatorship.  Bolivia has blown their shot at freedom and is now an enemy nation that will have to be militarily vanquished for any sense of law and order on the continent. 

Explanation From This Personal Communication:

1. General Cienfuegos was arrested while traveling in the United States. Why? Because he is tied to the gun distribution ring of Eric Holder, called Fast and Furious. He and Holder, which brings Holder's partner, President OBAMA, into the equation, as they have conspired to upgrade weaponry of the CHICOM cartels in an attempt to overthrow AMLO for his support of President Trump and his insistence on not allowing Mexico to become a formal staging area for-controlled-Red Dawn forces.

2. Bolivia is joining the confederation of potential Red Dawn forces of such countries as Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador and Chile (who are falling to the Belt and Road  Initiative CHICOM takeover of their country) and these countries are trying to come north to link up with Central American Red Dawn forces under the leadership of the CHICOMS. .

Connecting the Dots

From series of Sam Honnold's tweets:
Tamaulipas Governor Cabeza de Vaca (now under investigation in both nations) has an extensive private army to include armored vehicles, heavy weapons, and aircraft, as reported with video by BBC reporter Simon Reeve.   A meteorite visible even from distant Mexico City just impacted Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas state.
Mexican President Lopez "AMLO" has begun a MAJOR swamp-draining this week, releasing 70 arrest warrants for government officials implicated in the "Ayotzinapa" case where 43 young schoolteachers were murdered in 2014.  This is a declaration of war on the Chinese-backed deep state of Mexico.  Because AMLO continues putting Mexico first and cooperating with Trump, China will push the rebel governors forward to destabilize the border region. (News link in tweet:)
Chihuahua governor addresses state legislature, argues in favor of violent mobs, against ancient US-Mex water treaty today.
Thistle "Water War" is entwined with the LeBaron family (and massacre), who, as dual US-Mexican citizens (and white) are convenient boogeymen to stoke anti-US sentiment.  Governor Javier Corral Jurado has supported armed anti-US mobs in the past, most notably supporting them AGAINST THE MEXICAN NATIONAL GUARD (which was forced to RETREAT).  Corral today defended this decision before his state legislature.  This hearing was a forum for the growth of the open rebellion against Mexico City.  In my limited observation, the legislature appeared friendly and Corral was not condemned.
Please notice in the second paragraph that Sam talks about destabilization of the region. This is something I have been writing about for months. This is Communist China and now there are more independent sources verifying that this is the pre-emptive action need to fulfill the  the CHICOM goal of eliminating AMLO and taking over Mexico. 
Future articles will focus on the politics of these northern Mexico invasion sponsored by CHICOM controlled cartels. The CSS will look closely at the Holder/Obama role in this and the connections to the Calexit meeting.