Top Georgia Officials Are Directly Connected to CHICOM Interference In the 2020 Election


I loathe Attorney General Barr as I grant him no quarter. Let’s not forget that he was the driving force which allowed murderous FBI agents to escape their day in court for the unprovoked murders of Randy Weaver’s wife, while holding their infant, and the 14 year old son who was shot in the back while running away from FBI agents who came on their property without a warrant. Randy Weaver was eventually paid almost $3.1 million by Congress, but that sure as hell does not bring your family back and Barr was on the wrong side of this mini-holocaust. However, I recently had a conversation with New California’s 51st state movement’s President, Paul Preston, which may allow me to temporarily suspend judgment on Barr for the good of the country.

I recently eviscerated Barr in a podcast in which I strongly criticized his statement in which he claimed that Trump’s legal team had not proven there was enough voter fraud to undo the election results. I questioned how Barr would know, because at the time of his statement, Trump’s people had every case of fraud dismissed due to summary judgment and evidence had not been brought forth. Barr’s statement was a misleading lie, at best. However, Paul Preston told me that he had inside information that Barr was baiting the political traitors who would then have the confidence, based upon his misleading statement to certify and verify the fake election results in their states. After Barr’s statement, states like California and Arizona did certify. Anyone who has certified an election with fraud, is guilty of fraud themselves and subject to criminal action.

Georgia's Republican criminal and treasonous Governor Brian Kemp and the equally compromised, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, both certified a compromised election of which they had an active part in the fraud. Kemp and Raffensperger’s families allegedly took money directly from Communist China, perhaps to intentionally steal the election on behalf of Joe Biden. My sources are saying this and the circumstantial evidence is speaking to these facts as well.

Further my two of my top five sources on this compromised Georgia election are saying that the Deep State/CHICOM forces are paying the intimidating visits to the principals of the fraud and they are saying things like “We know where your children go to school… your wife gets her hair done at this place at this time…”  Threats are even going out to the Georgia Republican Senatorial candidates. And now, the Deep State/CHICOM perpetrators of the fraud have issued “the warning..

Georgia lawmakers are mourning the loss of a 20-year-old Georgia senator's aide who was killed in a fiery car crash on December 6th", this past Friday. Was this the first warning issued by the Deep State. The aide worked for Republican Senatorial candidate, Kelly Loeffler. What a coincidence! 

Kemp’s and Raffensperger’s connections to Dominion are surfacing and of course everyone now knows the CHICOM connection. Further, does anyone else believe that the recent expansion of execution methods by the federal government was not a direct warning?

Hal Turner, known for his sources in the FBI and National Security, saying: “the feds have proof of the payments to both Kemp and Raffensperger.”.

Further, it is known that…

Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp ordered state agencies to buy from Chinese Lenovo and interlocking vendors on Mar. 28, 2019, undermining U.S. sovereignty, the citizens of Georgia, and the 2020 election

The interlocking vendors include members of Obama’s Technology Council and members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation (incl. Chinese Tsinghua University) that stole the invention of social networking from Columbus-OH-based Leader Technologies, including IBM, Dell, EMC, HP and NetApp.

These are the exact same systems that were employed to steal the 2020 Georgia election. More from Hal Turner:

How did Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger (election chief) not know this since his election machines ran on this infrastructure?

Kemp’s more than 5% shareholding in First Madison Bank & Trust, now United Community Bank, NASDAQ: UCBI), puts him in direct relationship to Lance F. Drummond (TD Canada Trust (Rothschild Inc., Aspen Institute).

The Rothschilds are members of the British Pilgrims Society (MI6), Privy Council with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown—former UN Dep. Sec. Gen, and CEO of Dominion-Smartmatic election rigging computers with George Soros.


Turner claims that the Trump election legal team forced the President to pause before revealing these facts to the public, because they wanted both Kemp and Raffensperger certify the Election results and become a party to fraud and treason. And this is precisely what Paul Preston convinced me was going on with Barr’s comments designed to give false confidence to these traitors that their fraud and treason would go unpunished. But wait, there’s more…

If anyone doubts that Kemp would betray his country on behalf of the CHICOMS, they consider the following account. Kemp’s association with the CHICOMS is well-established. In fact, Kemp is discovering that treason is like the excrement in the toilet that will not flush. Kemp is a moron that was not even smart enough to cover his tracks as evidenced by the following Tweet:

I would suggest that the readers to the twitter site URL

What did you think of this video from theTwitter account @breakingAllDay? This video, in which Kemp promotes the Chinese economic invasion of Georgia shows the Governor pimping for more Chinese investments in Georgia at the obvious expense of American jobs. This Chinese website contains a list of Chinese businesses assisted by Kemp. Has anyone ever heard of the Logan Act? Only the federal government can conduct business with a foreign entity. A whopping total of 23 Chinese companies are listed on this site as having benefited from Kemp’s prostituting his own office for personal gain to the detriment of his state and country. And now, there are serious allegations that the two top government officials in Georgia conspired with Dominion voting machines and the CHICOMS to commit an election coup against a sitting President and the Constitution of the United States as well as every citizen in this country.  

If I were Kemp and his sidekick, the current Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, I would immediately declare a state of emergency and order an investigation into ballot harvesting which we all know has been caught on tape and exposed to the public. Also, if I were Kemp, I would make an agreement to enter into Federal custody with a plea deal in lieu of continuing the fraud. Further, if the allegations are true regarding the Kemp and Raffensperger families taking CHICOM payments, the two traitors and their families may want to strongly consider entering into witness protection. The Deep State and the CHICOMS are playing for keeps. Perhaps this treasonous and dynamic duo will be lucky if they only get 10 years in Club Fed, while their protected families, who allegedly took CHICOM payments, are working as janitors under assumed names! The fate of Loeffler's aide may be indicative of what lies ahead!

While Kemp and his Treasonous Inc. are considering their narrowing options, they might want to consider this fact from the Federal Prison system.

From the Federal Register:

“Federal executions are to be carried out by lethal injection or by any other manner prescribed by the law of the State in which the sentence was imposed.”

In other words, the federal government now will be able to hang, electrocute, gas, or shoot individuals. Treason would likely be at the top of the list for the employment of these harsh methods of execution. This order went into effect on November 27, 2020. If the public does not believe that this was a direct message to corrupt governors and their lackeys, then they are not paying attention to the obvious timing.

The only thing left for Trump to do is to invoke the Insurrection Act against the state officials of Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, et al. America, the CSS is just warming up. There are more officials involved that Kemp and his political brothel and these will be identified in a future CSS article as well as the fact that Kemp has committed an act of war against the United States.