Did the American Civil War Just Begin On a School Bus In Florida?

maga hat attack

Where Is the Liberal Mainstream Media? Does This Have Any Place In America?

How does a child board a school bus and get savagely beaten by out of control violent individuals?

Where's the bus drive? The bus driver should be charged as an accomplice for not trying to intervene!

Where is the subsequent police action? These kids belong in custody?

Certainly the MSM Is Covering the Horror of This Event

Where's CNN, MSNBC, ABC (too busy covering up their Jeffrey Epstein associations) and NBC?Here's where the ultra-liberal AOL weighed in:

 Boy allegedly beaten on school bus for wearing Trump 2020 hat

My first reaction to this AOL headline on its newsfeed, is you got to be kidding me? Alleged beating? I see nothing on AOL's coverage of this beating to suggest that the editors appreciate how dangerous this was, or how close this child came to losing his life. This is classic mainstream media degenerate behavior. AOL should change its name to Pravda, 1960's style.   Oh my, wait a minute. At the risk of sounding like a coincidence theorist, Yahoo News has the same exact title as did AOL on this heinous event. And the MSM claims they are completely independent and there is no collusion in covering stories. Here is the Yahoo News headline:

Boy allegedly beaten on school bus for wearing Trump 2020 hat

I cannot find where ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN even covered this event. It did not show up in the first few pages of a Google search engine. 

Would Hope and Change Elicit the Same Response?

How does wearing a MAGA hat, by a child, elicit such violence? If one wore a "Hope and Change" Obama hat would the same thing happen to the liberal child? Or, is this just open war on conservatives?

AOC condemns the treatment of migrant children by ICE at the border. Where is here outrage for this defenseless and outnumbered child? Where is the rest of the squad? Where is Nancy Pelosi, or any other Democrat?

I don't like signs that promote "It's ok to be white" because of the implications that racists will give it. However, we may have to rethink this approach. As a former educator, when I see this behavior, I am shocked and disgusted that the school district has not stepped up to the plate and publicly condemned this action in the strongest of all terms. We only see the first 21 seconds of this vicious and savage attack upon this outnumbered child, but it reminds me of the brutality of the attack upon Rodney King and do not forget, King was resisting arrest. This is clearly a hate crime, but it is not being cast in this light. Snope "for dopes" has already tried to debunk the racists and political nature of the attack. Does racism only run one way? The mainstream media's coverage of this incident coupled with the school district's profound and inexcusable weak action in this matter, increases resentment. There are white people who see the racism. There are Black people who see the racism and brutality of this act. Most reasonable people, of any color, see the thuggery involved in this. However, the purveyors of authority are actively promoting racism for their failure to strongly act and/or condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. 

This Was a Case of Attempted Manslaughter

Does anyone realize that this child could have been killed? At about the 17 second mark of this 21 second video, I began to think that this child's life is in danger as it appears that one of the assailants is choking the child and it is all over wearing a Trump hat. The assailants need to spend a year behind bars in a juvenile detention facility. 

Would I harbor such strong feelings if this were a case of white kids savagely beating a Black child? The fact that anyone would make that statement speaks to the undertones of racism that are being fanned by the mainstream media and liberals who are participating in the Bolshevik Revolution that is engulfing our country. This is what Communists and Nazis do, they use violence and intimidation to a political end. And it looks like the kids are learning these Leftist lessons all to well. 

Other than the pain and psychological harm brought to this child, I am most upset that so much of the progress we have made in race relations since 90's is being given away by the liberal media in order to promote a Bolshevik conflict and regime change. This is classic divide and conquer strategy. The perpetrators of this crime are little Brown Shirts. I don't know if the origin of these hate crime behaviors emanate more from the 1932 streets of Berlin or from Red Square in 1919. These event is a glimpse into the future of this country when the Democrats realize that they are not going win the White House. However, the perpetrators of violence will not be children, they will be adults, terrorists, antifa thugs, cartel members, MS-13, etc. This event should demonstrate to even the most politically ignorant how close we are to open civil war. 


I have heard from many people who asked me why I was not covering this event. I take some comfort in the fact that some people who contacted me were not white, but wanted exposure of this crime. Most people, of all backgrounds, are good people and want justice, we need to redouble our efforts to remove the despots from positions of authority and condemn all acts of violence and racism regardless of the color of the victim. I am calling for people from all backgrounds to lock arms and reject the new Communist Party (ie Democrats) in Democrats. Homeschooling is something that all Trump supporting parents may want to consider as this is only the beginning.