Guns Don't Kill People, Big Pharma Does! Ronnie McMullen-CSS Hour 3

big pharma

We know that Big Pharma is behind the astronomical prices that accompany our pharmaceuticals.. We also know that Big Pharma's unsound medical practices causes the US to lead the world in "death by doctor" with up to 800,000 medically related deaths per year. One of the biggest transgressions being committed by Big Pharma and the FDA is how they kill people by pricing their medication beyond the average person's ability to pay. The US pays 10 times more for medicine than the next 10 nations combined. And for all our trouble, we only have the world's 51st longest lifespan. However, if we did these 2 things, we could greatly increase the nations's longevity. This is discussed in the following video in a very interesting and telling interview with Ronnie McMullen.