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Evidence Suggests Disease-Infected Immigrants Are Being Admitted to US and Sent to Major Urban Centers


As late as this weekend, I stated that multiple sources believe that we are being attacked in orchestrated waves (eg gun confiscation, future grid down and the use of bioweapons. The implementation is still somewhat murky, however, there are some elements of the lethal strategies that will come against the people of this country that are beginning to take shape. In order to begin to make some sense out of what is happening we combine what we already know vs what we are presently learning. 

Let's start with what we already know. 

The Use of Weaponized Immigrants (ie "Infectons")

  I discussed Last summer, I reported that there was strong and multiple confirmations that a relatively small number of illegal immigrants purposefully being infected, with injections, a deadly pathogen that the US medical people, including the CDC have never seen before and then when they were arrested, they were sent to locations like LA to await their asylum status trial. Many have taken up ranks in the 70 continuous blocks of homeless settlement.

Selected immigrants are chosen to become what Steve Quayle calls “infectons”. These people are purposely infected with deadly pathogens, south of the border, and then “allowed”, through willful and purposeful admission of these infectons across our border. Quite obviously, infectons are people who are unwillingly infect with dangerous diseases who are weaponized against the people of the United States. 

 It has been well documented that a whole host of pathogens are being introduced to the American people through illegal immigrants and it is intentional.  This is a catastrophe in the making and the outbreak could, at minimum extend regionally throughout the Southwest.

The Details of the Plot

The following is happening all across Central America in places like Chiappas in Southern Mexico.

The ruling authority shows up to a village. They occupy the roads in order to prevent escape. In Southern Mexico, the National Guard is providing the impetus, yet they don’t get their hands dirty as they maintain plausible deniability by not entering the village in question. They only prevent escape by the locals. Subsequently, the associated cartel members and/or paramilitary trained forces shoot up a village. The often shoot indiscriminately into the village often destroying the walls of structures. Many are killed by the random gunfire. Resistance results in mass casualties. The survivors are allowed to leave with only the clothes on their back as they are forced to go north, to the US-Mexico border. I should say some of the survivors are allowed to leave. As is also the case in Honduras, as reported on the CSS radio show by Kathy Rubio, the surviving males are often conscripted into the Mexican National Guard or the cartel related interests including their paramilitary forces which are often trained in El Salvador. However, the real concern of this report remains infected individuals crossing our border and exposing Americans to the risk. 

There Is Always More to the Story

 First, it is important to note that the United Nations trained the newly formed Mexican National Guard. Their tactic of surrounding the villages, thus preventing escape, and then using proxies to carry out the dirty deeds, was the strategy employed by UN forces in Rwanda during that country’s genocide. When President Trump reached an agreement with the Mexican President, I raised the question as to why the Mexican would deploy 6,000 soldiers on Mexico’s southern border (eg Chiapas) and stationed 15,000 on the border with the US. I did a podcast in which I stated that the opposite should be true. In light of this revelation, I understand why this is indeed true.

The Mexicans are deliberately forcing people to come to the United States. In a previous interview with the CSS, Pastor Sam Honnold, who resides in Mexico, he stated in our interview that 2.8 of 6 million people, originally from El Salvador, are now in the United States. This is happening in Southern Mexico and soon it will be happening in Guatemala. This is part of the invasion that I have spoken of that is an attempt to collapse the infrastructure of the United States. We do not know the exact number of immigrants, but it is in the millions. It is the belief of many that the UN, the CHICOM cartels and Mexican government is funneling these sick people to our Southern border where they know that these people will be distributed around the country. This is a cultural, economic and medical invasion. Soon, it will be a military invasion. A DEA source has confirmed about 90% of what is printed in this paragraph. In fact this source, just told me that a new wave of Central American immigrants are being prepared. 

Is Ebola Going to be On the Loose?

Based on the following information, it is logical to assume that if this threat is indeed taking shape, we should be worried about Ebola. Here is what we know.

On December 28, 2019, based upon various news releases, I produced this broadcast with regard how the FDA was throwing caution to the wind and fast-tracked Merck's "new Ebola vaccine". 


The CDC is sending out EBOLA RAPID TEST instructions to all health departments. What are they getting ready for?

5:17 PM - 24 Dec 2019



It gets interesting when the known meets the newly discovered. This is painting a very upsetting pattern that is hard to not jumpt to conclusions.

It is hard to report on this issue without expanding the issue to other parameters of influence AND this is exactly what has happened. Child Protective Services has entered into the equation. For months, I have been receiving reports that some of these youthful illegal immigrants are going into CPS in places like Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, New Mexico and Colorado. They are trafficked though adopted “foster families”. Some are trafficked. And certainly, some would be excellent candidates to become the next infectons whose designer diseases would be disseminated further inland designed to infect people in the interior of the United States. Before you say “no way” I am working on a parallel story which demonstrates children, both citizens and illegal alien children, are being used to test pediatric drugs. These unfortunate children can just as easily be infected with contagions under these circumstances. I will leave you with one thought” Think China, as in China  and the Chinese are the United Nations selection of the subjugating force to collapse America on the way to the satanic New World Order. A few months ago, I did a podcast in which I identified UN cultural and economic programs in which the control was taken from the Americans and given to the Chinese and most have to do with health and health monitoring.

I believe that we have just walked into the beginning of this movie. 



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Smoking is not considered to be a good health choice. It shortens your life just at the time you are entering your "useless eater" years (retirement)...and there's the taxes on tobacco too; you'd think this would be a desirable habit to promote. However you never hear of the one health benefit from smoking. If tobacco smoke is bad for us, it absolutely slaughters air borne bacteria and viri which is why smokers suffer less from colds and flu. The, now smoke free, public spaces are much more amenable to the spread of any air borne pathogens that might be released. If they're after a massive population cull, disease would be the way to go. What do you think Mike Adams?


Keywords: What in the cell is going on? The battle for health is over pH. Gary Tunsky, N.D. Dave, Unamarie Clibon, M.D. very graciously sent her PDF re the topic of the great importance of pH in maintaining health to me after it had "disappeared" from the Internet. Imagine that. Anyway, it's life-saving information, imo, which I will send to you upon request. One can argue with the credentials of someone having degrees in... four... medical disciplines. We in this household bear witness to the efficacy... You will need to ask permission of her if you decide that you want to post the information. I don't know how that works, but think I may know how to get in touch with her through an organization. It's been awhile. A compassionate lady.


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