Humboldt County is the Home of the Chinese-Deep State-Sinoloa Takeover of Illegal Border Activities


How could we have missed connecting the dots? One might wonder if there is any proof to back up my suspicions that American children were being killed and their organs were being trafficked back to countries such as Israel and China? And the people responsible are the drug cartels and Chinese nationals with the assistance of high ranking politicians, the Obama administration (eg Eric Holder) and the Deep State. Through the good work of Marilyn Rupar, we are beginning to connect the dots between the government, the deep state and various criminal elements and some very horrific crimes happening in America and the emerging facts are shocking. Marilyn Rupar used to be a resident of Humboldt County, CA. in the 1980's. After Paul Preston and I had mentioned Humboldt's dubious reputation during a recent interview, she provided some incredible information.  I recently interviewed Marilyn and the interview will air this Sunday evening on the Global Star Radio Network, our home base. It will also be posted to our Megaphone platform which houses our podcasts and of course we will give Youtube the first crack at censorship. This is the first of a multi-part series which has the purpose of fully revealing the following:

  1. So Marilyn and myself don't become a Breitbart and Hastings statistic, we are going horizontal and vertical with our information. We are releasing it to key and not so key people to make the bad guys realize that violence will repress the truth in this instance.
  2. We are going to expose a level of underground criminality which has no limits and reaches directly and deeply into our government and the criminal underworld. Yes, I am saying the two entities mentioned in the previous paragraph are linked in both purpose and activity.
  3. I am going to expose how long these unholy alliances have existed to where anyone who would have been looking could have connected the dots. Therefore, we are going to take a trip down memory lane all the way back to 2011.

Humboldt County

From the 1980's, Humboldt County, CA. has been the producer of the most highly valued marijuana in North America. For decades, the Humboldt County law enforcement never entered into the Southern part of the county where most of the marijuana was grown. My interest in this topic was raised when I had come across a five part documentary called Murder Mountain. From the documentary, it was easy to see that the present Sheriff and the previous Sheriff were not interested in enforcing their State's drug laws in the southern part of their county. I was soon to find out why.

After watching the documentary, I was outraged that the present Sheriff would not arrest the murderer of a young man named Garrett Rodriguez. Some outraged locals found Garrett's body, confronted and actually wounded his killer and the killer's body was dropped off at the hospital. The Sheriff refused to make an arrest despite an admission of guilt in front of witnesses. The Sheriff and the previous Sheriff cited the excuse they could not do anything because the murder happened on private property. Does that mean that someone could go to the Sheriff's house, murder his family and get away with it because the event occured on private property? I ask this question with all the intended hyperbola. Humboldt County, like many parts of America is completely lawless and compromised by international organized crime complicit with help of key American politicians.  There is a clip in the documentary when after legalization of pot, the Sheriffs finally find the intestinal fortitude to venture into Southern Humboldt County. They were met and escorted by shotgun carrying criminals, riding on motorcycles, who made sure the Deputies only saw what they were allowed to see. In the documentary, one Deputy described how he was going for his gun when the motorcycle criminals appeared and the more experienced Deputy told him to back down because that was the way that it is here in Humboldt. The Deputy told the producers of the Documentary "Here we are in America and the legal authority is being controlled by the criminal elements". This is not just true for Humboldt County, it is true on an international scale and they are not just growing pot.

Who Runs Humboldt County?

In answering this question about who runs Humboldt, it is clear that the elected officials, law enforcement and the courts do not run Humboldt. The documentary was incomplete on this point. Former resident Marilyn Rupar, and one other anonymous source, are clear on this point. The Sinoloa drug cartel is running Humboldt. They pay late night visits to country officials and tell them how things are going to be. The documentary would also have one believe that all these criminals do in the county is to grow and sell pot. That has not been true since 1988 as the cartel has been in charge. Humboldt County, for decades has led the country in missing persons and the murder rate is off the chart. Ask yourself a question, where do missing persons often end up surfacing? The answer is in human bondage rings, child sex trafficking and organ extractions and subsequent sales on the black market. We will cover this criminal full-meal-deal in subsequent follow parts of this series. The pot farmers of Humboldt need a way to get their product to market. These societal dropouts do not have the sophistication or the contacts to make this happen. However, the Sinoloas are the experts in this area. It would be a gross misstatement to say that this operation begins and ends with this drug cartel. They have had low friends in high places for many years. In an area we will cover in more detail in subsequent parts, we are going to implicate the Chinese through their CALEXIT connections with the drug cartels that Paul Preston and I have identified as being active parts of this movement. By the way, and contrary to popular belief, CALEXIT is not dead, it is dormant and collecting monies from the Sinoloa's operations inside of California. I have found evidence connecting the Obama DOJ as being part of this national operation with the Sinoloas.

America is in the process of being transformed into the same type of narco-terrorist state as we see in Mexico. Let’s consider the public drug trial of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla. “Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the Sinaloa cartel’s “logistics coordinator” and son of a principal Sinaloa leader, asserted in court documents that Guzman is a U.S. informant and Sinaloa was “given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago.” “Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals”. The details of the unholy agreement between the DEA and the Sinaloa cartel was that the DEA would allow 80% of all drug shipments into the United States in exchange for intelligence information on the other drug cartels. Why would the DEA want intelligence on the other cartels, yet, they would allow the Sinaloa cartel to continue with their drug operations right under the noses of the DEA. “The agents stated that this arrangement had been approved by high-ranking officials and federal prosecutors,” the Zambada-Niebla lawyer wrote”. After being extradited to Chicago in February 2010, Zambada-Niebla argued that he was also “immune from arrest or prosecution” because he actively provided information to U.S. federal agents. I have connected Zambada-Niebla to the Humboldt County operations as well.

Niebla “The DEA said it was OK to run drugs into America”.

Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals. This resurfaces the issue that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the gun-running arrangements in Fast and Furious as we all knew he did. By the way, Holder is the current spokesperson for the CALEXIT movement. The only plausible explanation serving to underlie this operation would be that DEA is protecting the drug trafficking corridors for the banking elite that has hijacked our government.  The information supplied by the Sinaloa’s about their rivals protects the elites shipments from competition.


Please remember that this was a DEA agent that pointed me in this direction 2014. Do you see the dots starting to connect and by the way, the Humboldt model is in play on the Southern Border. Please remember, I have repeatedly asked the question: Why should any member of Congress (eg Pelosi, Feinstein)  protest against border security, unless they are making money off the criminal events?  Of course when one knows about the Mafia background of Pelosi's family, should we be surprised? And when we reflect back on the recent discovery of Feinstein's driver for 20 years was found to be a Chinese spy, should we be surprised? Pull up a seat America, we are just getting started. This topic will soon expand into sex trafficking and organ harvesting. As I conclude Part I, Marilyn and I have just scratched the surface of these revelations.