Kamala. Harris, Answer This Question: Are You Qualified To Run For President?

harris birth certificate

By Alexandra Daley

Special Report from The Common Sense Show

Unless proven with court documents, at the time of Kamala’s birth, her parents were not U.S. citizens. They were foreign students who came here two different years. On her Wikipedia page, Harris’s mother, Dr. Shyamala G. Harris, was from India, arriving in Berkeley, CA in 1960, after having earned her undergraduate degree from Delhi University.  Kamala’s father, Donald Harris, a retired Stanford University economics professor, arrived in the U.S. in 1961 as an “Issa Scholar” from Jamaica where he was born.

At the time of her birth she was the daughter of non-citizens. Neither parent reportedly was present in the U.S. as a legal resident for five years prior to Harris’s birth, a requirement to apply for naturalization. Kamala was born in 1964; and her mother arrived in 1960, her father arrived in 1961, adding five years to that, they could not have become an American citizen until 1966, at the earliest.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5  mandates that a president be a NATURAL-born citizen, which she clearly is not. At the time of her birth, both of her parents were citizens of foreign countries. Her birth in California makes her at best a NATIVE-born citizen under the prevailing view of the 14th Amendment.

Slippery Slope

With a history like hers, Kamala Harris proves that turning a blind eye, covering up, distorting facts, lying, not answering questions or scurrying away, a lengthy list of illegal acts that have been uncovered are just some of her better qualities – and she embraces them all. Kicking off her career by having an affair with Willie Brown, the former Mayor of San Francisco;  secretly and illegally wiretapping hundreds of people, covering up for  countless Catholic pedophile priests and a list of corruption and deceit  that is disturbingly long. Kamala Harris’ job as Deputy District Attorney of Alameda County, District Attorney of San Francisco and Attorney General alone reveal her track record in a frightening light of who she really is.

And it wouldn't be prudent not think about all who associate with or have been associated with her. They are, after all, birds of a feather....

So, it isn’t a stretch to believe that legality and eligibility don't matter much if it gets in the way of where she is trying to go. Now this woman is a Senator and gunning for the office of President!

Be afraid! There is a wanna- be dictator in the wings and she isn’t shy about it because at the end of the day, she is not concerned about the Constitution or your rights. Her aspiration is the only thing that matters.

As voting citizens, you should be asking yourselves before you would even consider voting for her (if she is eligible and that is highly questionable), when you see what she has  already done, what do you think she WILL do if she were to be running our country? Think San Francisco.

A Very Short History Trip

 Enter Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama.

There were questions surrounding Barack Obama’s eligibility given that no verifiable proof of his alleged birth in the U.S. exists and he claims a father who was never a U.S. citizen.  As the result of a five-year criminal investigation, the “long-form” birth certificate image posted at the White House website in 2011 bearing Obama’s name was declared a “computer-generated forgery” in March 2012.   I am not going to digress and cover this, but this is someone else who had eligibility issues….Are we going to let history repeat itself? Look at what that brought!

I am not the only one to take notice of Harris not being qualified.

Former Obama eligibility litigant Commander Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret) recently posted an article arguing that Harris is not constitutionally qualified.  “Senator Harris is not being transparent on this issue and her office staff has refused to answer any questions on this subject,” Kerchner wrote. “Given Kamala Harris’s year of birth, and her parents emigration years, she was born in the USA to two foreign nationals and thus inherited their respective birth nation’s citizenship when she was born, in addition to being a basic Citizen by being born in the USA to aliens legally domiciled here. Thus Senator Kamala Harris was born with citizenship and required allegiance at birth to three countries. This is hardly what the founders and framers intended when they selected the “natural born Citizen” requirement for the person who would in the future be permitted to be the President and Commander in Chief of our military, once the founding generation was gone.”

Here lies the unanswered burning question, Ms. Kamala Harris. Citizenship or Barry Soetoro 2.0?