A Major White House Announcement Regarding the Cartels and Their Chinese Sponsors


A Major White House Announcement Regarding the Cartels

A source close to the President has confirmed the President has informed close confidants that he is declaring war against the cartels for 3 reasons:

  1. The murder of the 9 American citizens
  2. 70,000 American Fentanyl Deaths
  3. Child-Sex-Trafficking


Not the End of the Story

A few hours ago, CSS researcher, Marilyn Rupar, sent me the following email followed by a breaking story that our media refuses to cover as of the publishing of this report. 

Heard your report on Nuevo Laredo - here's some info to back up the story. (see attached).
On Nov. 9, 2019 the very brutal CDN (Cartel de Noreste / Cartel de Northeast) attacked Mexico's Secretary of National Defense -
which is the equivalent of our US Secretary of the Navy.
The military pursued the cartel in an open shoot out on a main highway  (see videos) and killed 5 cartel sicarios (assassins).

As usual, Marilyn Rupar is on top of a story with the latest breaking story. Where is Fox and CNN? The Mexican media covered this event. Why isn't our extreme leftist media with clear Bolshevik Revolutionary intentions toward our Constitutuional Republic, reporting this information? While the readers are contemplating the obvious answer to this question, here are 2 videos that Marilyn is referencing. For the record, the jouranlistic source can be found here.  

Video del ataque donde la Tropa del CDN va huyendo de la Sandcat blindada


Tras el ataque hacia el poniente de Nuevo Laredo, personal de la Sedena en una Sandcat blindada logra perseguir y dar alcance a los agresores neutralizando a cinco de ellos, de acuerdo a los reportes en redes.

Audio de Balacera captada por vecinos

Update On Trump's Intention to Declare War On the Cartels

At 4AM (Mountain) this morning I received information that Trump and AMLO had agreed on early moring hours (7AM Eastern) on 11/9, that the Mexicans would make an all-out effort to pursue the cartels,especially the Guerroros, who murdered 9 American citizens on November 5th. 

Originally, and using the intelligence available at the time, I pegged the murder of the 9 Americans as a Calexit hit, who were making good on a threat of mass violence, issued three years ago. The threat, as reported by the President of the New California movement, Paul Preston, reported on the CSS radio show, that his embeded Calexit source said that if California was unsuccessful in withdrawing from the Union, under the auspices of the UN, that they would start murdering whites and Christians and force an UN intervention under the Kigali Principles. The Guerro hit upon the 9 Americans was the manifestation of the threat. However, I have updated and more specific intelligence on the hit. China ordered the hit upon the American family. China has deep involvement in Calexit, so the tag of this being a Calexit hit is accurate, but the Chinese are taking on this task on their own as well. This gives plausible deniability to Pelosi, Schiff, Feinstein, Harris, et al. 

The CSS has learned that immediately after the hit, Trump told AMLO that his government would not remain in charge much longer if he did not move to immeidately eradicate this threat. The heart of the cartel activity is partially centered in the El Paso/Laredo area. Therefore, in response to the Trump threat, the Secretary of the Mexican Navy, who handles much of the "pretend" Mexican government drug interdiction, was in Laredo in a fact-finding mission when he was attacked. The attempted assassination of the Secretary of the Navy was believed, by American intel, to have come from the Chinese who were using their cartel assets as the would-be-assassins. China is determined to unsettle the northern part of Mexico so as to create the preconditions necessary to give the UN the authority and justification to enter into the border area to "presumably" control a volatile situation. 

In summary, these events are no more than the UN getting the excuse they desire to emerge on American and Mexican soil. And on behalf of the UN, China has taken this to a whole new level. The CSS has been reporting for a couple of years that the Chinese control the most of the drugs coming into the cartels, including Fentanyl. Therefore, the cartels work for the Chinese. This is true in Humboldt County, CA and it is true in Laredo and all of Northern Mexico in particular. The Chinese have taken this situation to a whole new level. They have sponsored the execution of 9 Americans using their cartel resources. And now they have attempted and failed to assassinate the Secretary of the Mexican Navy as a warning to AMLO to stand down when it comes to Trump's demands. 

President Trump is not going to be patient with AMLO. American intervention is coming if the Mexicans do not act immediately to eradicate the cartels. AMLO is in grave danger, not just from the reach of the cartels, but the Chinese who have sent him a strong message with the attempted hit on the Secretary of the Navy. President Trump must forcefully neutralize the Communist Chinese threat. If Trump is to deal with this threat to the level that is now required, he must move to extricate the Communist Chinese military that has been embedded in Northern Mexico for years. 

Isn't it interesting local Mexicans can cover this assassination and the American media is clueless? All ABC and CBS cares about is covering up Bill Clinton's and the Royal Family's participation with Epstein. To hell with the criminality, they just want to protect the criminal participants. And if Americans don't come to realize that the Mainstream media are indeed partners with cartels ahd their Communist Chinese friends, then the public isn't paying attention.