The Trump Wall Has Turned Into the Globalist Trojan Horse- Why Trump Cannot Win In 2020 (Pt 2)


Many times during the 2016 campaign for President, Trump promised he would not only build the wall, he would make Mexico pay for the construction of the wall. This is exactly what Trump promised!


  But instead of getting the border wall, and getting the Mexicans to pay for it,  the American people have been served up a big dish of this.........Trump's Trojan's Horse

The Southern Border Has Turned Into An Out of Control War Zone

The following was originally reported in a Mexican publication called VXT and it was sent to me by Marilyn Rupar. The VXT report was later translated and published in Borderland Beat. Here are key excerpts:

March 12, 2019 - Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico -Over the weekend, members of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) confronted members of the Northeast Cartel (CDN) in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Both Cartels staged a strong confrontation – the town is minutes from our Southern Texas Border. Both Cartels used high powered weapons a grenades. January 2019 - As in previous clashes between the two Mexican Cartels, personal armored vehicles were used. The new US made Hummers and trucks were equipped as tactical military vehicles with turrets. Machine guns were mounted onto the vehicles, called, "armored monsters”. A witness reported the shoot-out between the Gulf Cartel (CD and the Northeast Cartel (CDN) was massive. Their armored vehicles were completely burned. It appears “40-grenade launchers” were used. The attack forced all Cartel members to evacuate their vehicles. One of the armored trucks was a Hummer similar to those used by members of the Gulf Cartel in a clash with the Mexican military on January 2, 2019, in Rio Bravo, Mexico. Both “carried a turret from where their occupants could shoot from inside the truck”. No dead bodies were not found. It is presumed the Cartels removed the bodies from the bombed out vehicles according to reports. January 9, 2019, Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico: Two Cartel convoys clashed ON THE SOUTH TEXAS BORDER -93 miles south of Laredo, TX. Mexican Cartel sicarios (assassin /hitmen) of the Northeast Cartel from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, engaged with a convoy of sicarios of the Gulf Carte. Several vehicles were used, including armored Hummers and trucks. The vehicles were completely burned. The mostly burned bodies of 21 dead were found at the site. Grenade launchers were also used.

And just think, people say I a crazy because a Red Dawn invasion of the United States is a very real possibility. And this is only the tip of the Trump's Trojan Horse's Iceberg. The LA Times is reporting the following:

The Border Patrol released 250 migrants here on Tuesday and Wednesday and expects to free hundreds more in coming days because there is no room to hold them. Normally, the agency would transfer the migrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be “processed” and in many cases placed in detention facilities. But officials said Wednesday that a recent influx of Central American families has led to a severe shortage of space. Immigrant advocates suggested the releases were intended to sow confusion at the border and further President Donald Trump’s argument that there is a national emergency there. “They are doing this deliberately so they can release a ton of people at once and create chaos,” said Efren Olivares, an attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project, which sent lawyers to the McAllen bus station to monitor developments. “The government is trying to do this.” He pointed out that the federal government has dealt with bigger influxes of migrants in the recent past. A Border Patrol official — who spoke on the condition that he not be identified — denied that the release was a political stunt and said crowded facilities threatened agents and migrants. “It is a crisis,” he said. “It’s not a self-proclaimed crisis.” The agency plans to make similar releases along other parts of the border, he said. In February, the Border Patrol caught 66,450 migrants, a 38 percent increase from January and one of the highest monthly totals of the last decade. More than half of those arrested were parents and children, and 40 percent of those were in the Rio Grande Valley.

As a side note, and in a conversation I had with a DHS agent, who has provided several leads for stories, stated that the border wall construction plans have changed from keeping migrants out to repelling a light infantry invasion. I now understand how right this DHS agent has been.

Releasing Thousands by the Day

Subsequently, I contacted two Border Patrol agents I have received valuable information from over the past four years and they both had a harsher judgment of the situation at the border. I first read to them the LA Times account. In the two separate conversations, both agents scoffed at the mere release of 250 illegal immigrants. "What a ____joke" said one agent. Both agents indicated that they are releasing thousands of illegal immigrants by the day. The busses designed to transport these illegal immigrants into America's interior, are lined in droves. In a very disconcerting revelation, the agents both revealed that they are capturing and releasing many MS-13 immigrants. They, too, pose a real threat as they are the recognized hitmen for the cartels. Terrorist from every continent are being apprehended and then released. And this is, ladies and gentlemen, the proverbial tip of the iceberg. When word of these events are made public, Trump does stand a chance of getting re-elected.