The Invasion of the US Has Begun


The United States military is simultaneously preparing for two separate actions INSIDE the country. One one hand, the United States is preparing to deal with extreme insurrection, which will be perpetrated through embedded terrorist forces (eg ISIS, al-Qaeda, MS-13, Mexican drug cartels and various other factions associated with the Calexit movement). On the other hand the US is preparing to deal with asymmetric warfare emanating from both South and North of the border.

 Invasion From North of the Border

The following is the transcript of my notes of a recent conversation I had with a long-time DEA source.

The Chinese and the Muslims are pouring across the border. They are getting cooperation from local civilian elected officials. There are stand-down orders in Portland Police Department to ignore certain indicators. ICE and other Fed agencies are being shielded  in many instances as to what is going on. ...There are predetermined weapons caches awaiting these "new immigrants"....Drugs are the new currency. We know of a at least a dozen safe houses but we are being prevented from moving in... We are soon going to be fighting these bastards in the streets and our First Responders are going to be very busy.

This is merely a glimpse as to what is happening on our Northern border which is far more porous than our Southern border.

South of the Border

The gloves are off and the Mexican government is officially an enemy to every American citizen as Mexican Federal Agents are escorting 51 buses with approximately 1,800 illegal aliens through Mexico and toward the United States Border. Sources say the state of Coahuila, Mexico paid for the transportation.

Mexican authorities in two border states announced the arrival of nearly 2,000 Central American migrants who are part of a caravan headed for the border cities Piedras Negras and Nuevo Laredo. The area between those two municipalities does not feature any type of fencing or barriers like the ones a previous caravan encountered in California. The Nuevo Leon government is preparing shelters and security. The migrants are traveling with the intent to request asylum on U.S. soil, thus making any detention by border authorities irrelevant. The group is expected in Eagle Pass and Laredo, Texas, however, since the region lacks any fencing or physical barriers, some could successfully storm the border with little effort...The mass-media is not reporting this.

The invasion is escalating.This is not hyperbole to say that the USA is under invasion. The interlopes already realize that all they have to do is set foot on US soil and shout the magic word “asylum.” Democrats and their Deep State enablers will take care of the rest. Coahuila is a Mexican state. Government officials there are providing food, shelter, transportation, and even a police escort for the invasion force.

Like a traditional invasion, this one involves not only Fifth Column paramilitary troops. There are reportedly, Chinese advisers who have embedded themselves with these groups. According to my DEA source, many of these forces were trained at the Sanchez-Paredes camps in El Salvador as reported on by Kathy Rubio. Obviously, the President has this same information as he has dispatched several units and 3,700 troops to the border to meet the threat. The Northern border is undefended. I can’t see how this is not an act of war. But then, I can’t see how acting to prevent border defense.

Preparing for Domestic Insurrection

From a reader who has been providing consistent reports to me over a period of time.

...As I've said before I live close to Ft Know Ky. Today I noticed about 5 tractor trailers hauling what maybe fuel trucks heading south on Western Kentucky parkway...About an hour later about 10 military vehicles( hummers or something similar) with  trailers also traveling in the same direction. Unsure what was in the trailers they were tarped...

This report is typical of what I am getting from all across the country. It is my belief that we are preparing to get hit by an EMP. Here is a video that speaks to this phenomenon.


Preparing to Take Over California

I have known for sometime that the Trump administration is prepared to disband the State Legislature of California based on their propensity to engage in domestic insurrection. An example of this is the sanctuary state issue which constitutes obstruction of justice violations as well. I have personal inside information that ex-Governor of California, Jerry Brown knows that this is coming. I am personally aware that Brown has purchased a home in Belize where the country has no extradition agreement with the US. Trump has ordered the military to engage in war drill in LA. Perhaps this is indeed preparation for a war against China and Russia. However, this could very well be a snap drill in which the drill goes live culminates in a live action and California is taken over by the federal government. As reported on before, Chinese forces would be assisting in the insurrection. Mass casualty events are expected (eg Bundy affairs and Vegas massacre). I am again receiving reports of foreign troop activity in Southern Wyoming. These are not American forces.


Are these events merely coincidences, or are they a series of well-coordinated parts of an overall plot to invade the United States. One has to decide if they are a coincidence or conspiracy theorist. Whether one wants to admit it, we are at war.