Confirmed!!! Covert Project to Disarm America- Massive Gun Destroying Program In 3 Cities-Paul Martin-CSS

gun confiscation

Breaking: Covert Project to Disarm America- Massive Gun Destroying Program In 3 Cities-Paul Martin-CSS


It would strongly appear that the Deep State is moiving ahead with gun confiscation plans, full speed ahead. 

On December 17, 2019, Paul Martin sent me the following communication:

Source-a Marine I know

My longtime  contact sent this to me. He knows the guy who installed :The city of Denver just had 20 gun crushing machines installed big half a million-dollar presse.

Building in Denver with high security and cameras 


i discussed this with Paul Martin and told him that we should get this on the record and that brief interview is here. `Following the interview, I published the statements of other "Feds" and local law enforcement related to this covert action.



I immediately did my due dilligence and began to contact people in government that I though might have a good chance of being able to verify or modify Paul Martin's report. 

I struck out wth a Denver police officer and also with a member of the Colorado State Highway Patrol. Please remember, that I have many contacts in the Denver area because I great up in the Mile High City. 

I then reached out to a long-term contact with the FBI and they verified Paul's story and added two more geographic areas to the mix, namely, Virigina and just north of the Bay area. 

I am aware of the machines and the gun destruction process is all mechanics. This particular operation is classsifed so I cannot reveal how the equipment works. I am not sure about the cost, but everything else you sent me is accurate. Your instincts that this operation is headquartered at the Federal Center in Lakewood off of 6th Avenue is probably correct. There is also a lot of off the books operations at the old Rocky Mountain Arsenal as well just north of I-70. This is serious Dave. I can guarantee you that Trump knows nothing of this at least he will not until you publish this. Denver is not the only operation center for gun seizures and destructions. I know of two others, just across the Potomac from DC and north of the Bay area. When these projects were funded-off the books- the thinking was that foreign troops would be needed. What's going on with Northam is a pencil neck shithead. It's a test for compliance with regard to local law enforcement and the Guard. From all accounts this experiment failed miserably. Along with these machines there are also portable metal detectors that will find hidden guns and the technology is very advanced. I think we are pretty far off D Day with gun seizures but the fact that its being experimented with in Virginia speaks to the intent. On a final note-the technology is not new it was around in the early days of the Obama admin. 

i also received this from a retired intel officer:

Most agencies have gun confiscation plans in one form or another. Some will only provide logistics, some will be involved in the actual seizure. Guns for food plans have been experimented with in various countries. During food shortages, people will steal guns and turn them in to the authorities just to get something to eat. I think this will prove to be the most effective means of confiscation because it save on manpower, minimizes the physical dangers associated with confiscation and is short duration plan. Why do you think so many of mbrethern moved to the Ozarks?

Subsequently, I reached out to senior federal law enforcement agency for one of the unidentified alphabet soup agencies. I showed him the messages and he said that he had no direct knowledge, but he thought this made a great deal of sense

Why those three cities.  Think about it. Those will be the most fortified safe zones for the deep state headquarters.  Everything will come into those areas for control and distribution.  West, central and east. After the fall...that's where the deep state will be relocated...not some mountain bunker or military installations.  Cartel,gangs and the deep state brown shirts will lock those cities down, there's your hired guns who will protect them. That's just my opinion.


This is clearly martial law provisions. What ever the scope of the civil conflict that is coming, the Deep State is gearing up to disarm as many conservatives as possible.