If It IS Determined That The Democrats Will Lose the Election, These 20 Actions Will be Unleashed On America


These kinds of articles are very difficult to write because there are so many moving parts.  I have gathered facts that I have been told by so-called “insider sources” about what is coming.  Some of the expected Deep State insurrection has been rehearsed by local, state and federal law enforcement. Much of what follows comes from these types of sources.

I want to emphasize that there are rehearsals that are currently being practiced by the traitors and their in-country foreign assets. However, most of what is anticipated in this properly labeled, Bolshevik Revolution, is assumed by the modus operandi of the embedded foreign assets in our country and what has constituted past practice.


If It Is Anticipated That Trump Will Win On November 3, 2020, These Are the Anticipated Deep State Actions

Unbridled violence will be unleashed if Trump is declared the winner on election day. If the traitors steal the election, the violent response will be slower to come to fruition. There are certain parts of the military that will react.  Let’s break down what I have learned.

Traitor’s Strategies

One of the questions that I frequently ask many of media guests is “what do you think that the extremists will do to regain power over government?”  The most common answer I received is that “there is nothing that they will not do”.  

 Here is a list of tactics that are expected on the part of the Democratic Party and their hired guns. Remember the objective is to start a civil war. This group kills after-birth babies, therefore, there is nothing they will not do.

  1. If the Democrats/Deep State determine that the Democrats cannot win. Extreme violence will be enacted in a nation-wide coordinated manner. I have been predicting this for 3 years. We will be living in 1992 Bosnia and 2014 Ukraine. There will be snipers on the roof. Random cars and people at events will be attacked with deadly precision. Randomized IED’s will be unleashed.
  2. MS-13 has been quiet but their day is coming. I have often thought about what would have happened to the four DC officers who rescued Rand Paul and his wife if MS-13 was active. Answer, they all would have been killed and for dramatic effect, I believe their trademark of machete-induced-deaths would have been employed. Alt media, opposition media, loyalist military officers, key politicians at all levels of government, most if not all Constitutional Sheriffs, conservative police chiefs, key conservative educators will be assassinated. Many of these lists have been intercepted and the targets are known. There are too many people to protect.  As I stated that a TET Offensives is coming. However, the government knows this and Continuity of Government has been enacted as key people will be isolated. In fact, and over 5 months ago, I reported that the military heads of Northcom and Southcom are basically quarantined.
  3. A series of mini-911 events are planned. They are being rehearsed in such places as the Portland Federal Building.
  4. Cartels will militarily move on small town police forces and execute all police officers that they can get their hands on. In print, 5 years ago I printed just such a warning from a high ranking and anonymous Texas Ranger. He concluded that we no defense against such an event.
  5. The security at nuclear power plants will be tested.
  6. Random and murderous home invasions will take place so the fight is carried to middle class and even rural America.
  7. The LA assassination of the two police officers was likely a beta test. No police officer on the street will be safe.
  8. In anticipated Democratic loss, and with the help of the CHICOMS, the gird will be brought down in a cyber attack, not an EMP.
  9. It is a strong belief in some federal agencies that the CHICOMs will supply terrorists with a tactical nuclear weapon for detonation in Washington DC. It is thought that this is how they will try to assassinate Trump. This will move the government operations to Denver which has been rehearsed several times going back to Operation Mountain Guardian in 2011.
  10. Retail and food delivery will stop. The Bolsheviks (ie the cartels, Antifa, BLM) will ambush trucks and the resulting fear will cause trucking to come to a complete standstill. A massive famine will come across America.
  11. No Republican, including Trump will be safe.
  12. As expected,  Christian churches will be attacked.
  13. Public schools, particularly elementary schools will be the site of mass murder. The younger the children the greater the emotional impact on the American people.
  14. Military personnel will be attacked when they come and go from a base.
  15. Oil fields will be burned in the same manner that has happened in three western states.
  16.  I have been told that hospitals will be attacked and fire-bombed. I was told that the Chinese requested this move be made that will help prevent the medical treatment when the Red Dawn invasion occurs.
  17. The goal of these insurgents is start  to killing America.
  18. There are some in ARSOF that believe that Joe Biden will withdraw from the race prior to the coming violence. Kamala Harris and Pelosi will be the ticket. I have even been told that plans have been made by these traitors to isolate Harris as she directs an emerging civil war against the government. The Obama-appointed officers will spearhead the opposition. They will be headquartered Los Angeles. Some of these experts expect that this is when the UN and the embedded CHICOMS will be unleashed as soon as it is determined that America has been weakened by the terrorist onslaught.
  19. If the blue-helmeted CHICOM soldiers representing the UN take to American streets, the goal will be to inflict maximum casualties. There will be no relocations and no prisoners will be taken.
  20. The purpose of the fires in California is now becoming clear. Yes, Newsom’s broke California needs federal disaster money from the deliberately set fires. However, the real purpose is has military implications. The communications centers are being threatened by the fires and if they go, local police department and sheriff’s offices will be trapped with no communications. This will assist an invading force and embedded terrorists to gain a foothold. California will the beachhead. It may not be the only one, but it will become the most important.

I have been given 165 tips about what is expected by experts. I am publishing what I believe will be the top 20.

The polls can say what they want. However, based on crowd size at events, the Democrats do not stand a chance. I cannot for certain, but I believe it is likely that the civil war will commence in mid to late October. Additionally, there opposing two space forces. One is known and one is unknown and I expect the conflict to begin in space. 

My advice is to get prepped as we live in unpredictable times. Food, water, guns, ammo, gold, silver, natural medicine, tools and allies.