As the Rule of Law Breaks Down, Prepping Is No Longer An Option-Bob Griswold and Dave Hodges-CSS


The Democrats have destroyed the rule of law as illustrated by the impeachment hearings with no hearsay evidence, personal opinions offered as evidence and sercret proceedings. This is characteristic of Soviet-Style justice. 

I recently interviewed Robert Griswold. We covered how to make yourself a more difficlut target with what is coming. Societal breakdown looms, regardless of who gets elected. There is no turning back as America has reached the point of no return. The Deep State has effectively employed the strategy of divide and conquer. We are seeing Black vs. White, gay vs. straight, citizen vs. immigrant, agnostics and athiests vs Chrisitans and Democrats vs. the Rule of Law.

The Left will burn down the country before every conceding power to the far more numerous conservatives. Christians will soon be at the top of the endangered species list. 

There is a strong piossibility that America will be occupied. Bob Griswold discussed how to increase your chances of survival. 

Robert Griswold will also be a guest persenter at the upcoming Gensix True Legends conference in Branson, MO from July 10-12, 2020. Information on the conference is listed at the bottom of this page, following this important interview with Bob Griswold.


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