The Likelihood of a Coming Nuclear/EMP False Flag Event Sponsored by a Desperate Democratic Party -The Doug and Dave Intel Report


The Doug and Dave Intel Report-January 7, 2022

Host: Dave Hodges -The Common Sense Show

Guest: Former DHS agent, Marine combat veteran and host of American VindictaDoug Thornton

Topic: False flag nuclear detonation in the nation's capitol related to the fact that the Democrats are desperate and are losing control of the political narrative and the citizenry. 


The Doug and Dave Intel report, airing weekly on The Common Sense Show (ie Doug Thornton and Dave Hodges), is becoming very popular and is a source ground-breaking information. This episode is no different as Doug and Dave discuss an expected and upcoming false flag event of horrific nature with a tremendous loss of life.

Did you know that FEMA is practicing a nuclear detonation event immediately after the January 6th propaganda event? This fact makes this week’s Doug and Dave Intel Report even more timely and ground-breaking than it already is.

Below are a few excerpts of the last installment of the Doug and Dave Intel Report.

DHS has had past concerns regarding the possibility of a Middle East martyr who would smuggle a nuclear device through the drug tunnels, escaping nuclear sniffer detection, and then detonate. Doug and Dave do not believe that this will be the number one option for the Democrats/Deep State, however, it demonstrates that a part of the government believed in the likelihood of such an event. This radio show and accompanying description, is frightening. However, what is said on this interview needs to said if we have any hope of stopping the coming false flag. What false flag? Read on!

In this radio interview, Doug revealed that people think that gaining control of a nuclear device is NOT difficult. For example, the United Staetes has already lost 32 nuclear weapons ( eg N. Carolina, Georgia, over the Pacific and in Mexico). Nuclear grade material America has also experienced a theft of nuclear materials. America has also had accidental discharges, leaks, and accidental launches. Nuclear security is extremely poor. With regard to a nuclear detonation/EMP, America is an accident waiting to happen. Please keep in mind that there is nothing that the Democrats and Deep State will not do to stay in power.

Doug is convinced that DC will be the site of a nuclear detonation/EMP. This would effectively wipe out the nation’s leadership, destroy the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, obliterate the Supreme Court (who might outlaw the vaccine mandate). The latter event could be the trigger for the coming false flag from the Democrats and the Deep State. This would be the ultimate regime changing event!

Why DC? Why a nuclear event in DC? China wants to take over an intact country. Therefore, a nuclear detonation will not happen in California and Colorado. DC will likely be destroyed and then physically isolated. Pelosi's fence around the Capitol will soon give way to a major barrier around the uninhabitable region. By the way, Doug revealed that DC has nuclear sniffers everywhere with dozens of countermeasures. If a nuclear detonation were to happen in DC, whether an EMP producing airburst, or a land-based detonation, it would have to be an inside job. How about General Milley who publicly made the treasonous statement that he would warn his Communist Chinese counterpart if America was ever going to launch an attack against China? This leaves one wondering how this self-expressed traitor is not in Leavenworth doing hard time. However, someone like insider Milley would have to be put in play to pull of a nuclear event in DC. 

By the way, both Doug and Dave believe the coming false flag will be blamed on Trump and his supporters. At the propaganda event on Jan 6th, the so-called commemoration, Biden called Trump and his supporters the “dagger in the throat of Democracy”.  This statement was clearly a declaration of war on ALL conservative Americans. This reveals that Trump supporters will be the first people to head to internment (ie concentration camps. They will also get the blame for any and all false flag events originating from the Democrats. This may be the most important revelation of all.

The rest of this ground-breaking interview can be heard by clicking this link.


Additional Show Notes

There is a caveat to listening to the interview. The show experienced some minor interference. First, there was a small clicking sound that was in the background and it appeared on an intermittent basis. Late in the show, a broadcast from somewhere appeared and we had no way to stop it as it lasted about 20 seconds. These events did not detract from the dramatic nature of the show, however, it is part of an ongoing communication disruption/interference pattern that Dave and others, like Sarah Westall, Paul Preston et al, have experienced on a routine basis. Recently, Dave was trying to interview Paul Preston on his TV show, and could not get Paul on the air. However, both parties had other media events immediately following the scheduled interview and they went off without a hitch. These interferences are designed to discourage the public from listening to the truth about how bad and criminally corrupt things really are and what is coming. This show and others are destroying the Deep State’s element of surprise that they depend on in order to carry out their deeds on behalf of their globalist masters.  

Please heed this warning…. You better get as much information as you can as quickly as you are able, because it is believed that a move against alt media is on the verge of happening. Certainly, after the anticipated false flag event, there will be no alt medi, whatsoever.

Doug Thornton is the host of fast-growing and popular show entitled, American Vindicta, which is an excellent radio show airing on Global Star Radio Network. Ameridan Vindicta archives can be accessed here.



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