Non-Human Entities, Dramatic Earth Changes, Stargates and Armageddon-Steve Quayle - CSS (Pt 1)


The following interview was one of the most important interviews ever conducted in the history of The Common Sense Show. This interview constitutes Part One of this presentation. Part Two will be released tomorrow.  

In the following interview, host Dave Hodges interviewed Steve Quayle on a variety of topics that generally and specifically lend themselves to the subjects of Earth Changes, the End Days, Armageddon, and the Bible's Prophecies regarding the confrontation with "non-human" entities and the soon-to-be dramatic escalation of this ongoing conflict. Steve Quayle offered numerous scriptural references in order to document the main points presented in this interview.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between fallen angels, demons and the Giants spoken about in the Bible? Steve clearly defines the difference between these entities, as well as the role they will play in man's near-term future. 

As a side note, this interview will also reveal that Steve and Dave share the same opinion on the best "predictive programming" TV show, in history, and what that this specific show demonstrates about our hidden reality as well as the real direction that science and technology are headed.  

And to think that this is only Part One!

Many of the topics discussed by Steve and Dave in this interview will be covered in much more depth at the upcoming Branson Conference (March 13-15). There is still time to attend and if you cannot be there in person, there is an available live stream opportunity that is offered for a very low price. In addition, for those that subscribe to the live stream, they will have unlimited access to last year's excellent conference on Transhumanism

Listener discretion is advised as those with true cognitive dissonance will struggle in coming to grips with the true realities of our time.