US Special Operations Forces Forced to Flee From "Foreign Beings" In the Story That Won't Go Away!


In this CSS broadcast, I felt compelled to discuss why 150 Special Forces in Northern Syria allegedly had to run for their lives. No, they were not running from the Russians, or the Chinese or the Turks. They were, as the story goes, running from the Anunnaki who mysteriously appeared 50KM from the Special Forces encampment and were closing on their position. The warning of the impending disaster came from Putin as he warned Trump and the President ordered the evacuation of the US forces. 

Initially, I did not take this report seriously, but this story keeps hounding me. I have sources inside of Russia who communicate with me, in roundabout ways about political and military issues. They have become involved in this story and they say, as it is being reported in the alt media, is mostly accurate. I have one ARSOF member who says that the 150 men and their 20 advisors were fleeing from something, but he's not sure what exactly. For myself, it is the story that will not go away, so I made the decision to deal with the reports as we understand them at this time.  

After listening to this report, some will, no doubt, engage in the "giggle factor" and that is understandable. No offense taken! However, I suspect that many of you will want to know more. And there are only a few people who I believe are capable of accurately addressing this and I am referring to Steve Quayle at Look for the Gensix-True Legends link. For the record, this is not a paid endorsement and I get no renumeration for this endorsement. However, Steve's recent conference at Branson, MO., addressed this topic with an all-star cast of presenters. To find out more, following your review of this topic, you may wish to order Steve's video on demand or order the DVD of the conference.  We live in very interesting times. I will also work on getting Steve back on my show to address this incident. 

What is most interesting to this reporter is not just the alleged event, but the fact this story keeps hounding me from many different perspectives. Here's the Syrian incident, as we understand it, at this point in time.