Health Ranger speaking event SOLD OUT… live streaming still available – streams tonight at 7:30pm central



I’m speaking at the conference this evening (Friday, September 13th), LIVE in Branson, Missouri. The event venue, which seats around 3,000 people, is sold out.

Live streaming access is still available, allowing you to watch all three days of the event, including my own segment that begins Friday night at 7:30 pm, central time. (The presentation runs a little under two hours.)

You can get live streaming (Video On Demand) access at this link from the GenSix web page.

The entire conference is also available on pre-order for DVDs, as a pre-order price.

I am not compensated in any way for sales related to this event.

The terraforming of Earth: Depopulation, annihilation and genocide

My talk will reveal new analysis and conclusions about the deliberate terraforming and depopulation of planet Earth. I’ve held back on talking publicly about the details of this presentation because it’s too damning to the globalists, and I don’t want them to stop this information from getting out.

But now, just hours before I’m set to go live, I can share with you that this compelling, science-based presentation will completely expose the globalist agenda to annihilate humankind via terraforming of our planet.

In fact, the effort is already well under way.

Everything in this presentation is based on solid science, logic and reason. With accompanying visuals, galactic maps and science diagrams, this presentation will leave the most skeptical person nodding in amazement at the overwhelming evidence that proves globalists are actively working to annihilate humankind.

Who or what intelligence is behind that agenda? I’ll d0elve into some of those answers as well.

This presentation will give you the most eye-opening Friday evening you’ve experienced in a long, long time.

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