Is the POTUS Covid-Based Quarantine a Cover Story for the Enacting of Continuity of Government Protocols?


POTUS and FLOTUS have reportedly tested positive for the Coronavirus. Here is the President’s statement announcing his supposed contraction of CV-19.

 “Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately,” Trump tweeted just before 1 a.m. “We will get through this TOGETHER!”

The implied message being given to the public suggests that the President is working, as normal, at the White House. However, people who are familiar with the protocols for such matters states that it is more likely that the President has retreated to The Presidential Emergency Operations Center which is a bunker structure underneath the East Wing of the White House. It serves as a secure shelter and communications center for the President of the United States and others in case of an emergency.

How Did the President Allegedly Catch Covid?

It is widely believed that Hope Hicks, one of the President’s most trusted advisors, who has tested positive for CV-19, was the one that had exposed POTUS and in turn, exposed FLOTUS.

Hope Hicks is considered to be one of the most trusted aides and had been diagnosed as CV-19 positive on Thursday. There are inconsistencies in this story. First, we know that the President returned to the White House on Thursday night not wearing a face mask and was in close proximity to others in the immediate area. These circumstances would clearly violate the CDC protocols for exposed persons and given the fact that the Democrats have hung their hat on defeating Trump over his alleged mishandling of the coronavirus, he would not dare show up to the White House under the reported circumstances.

Inconsistencies In What Could Be a Cover Story

There is yet another hole in the coronavirus story, which is smelling more and more like a cover story. Since top White House aides began to test positive, daily testing has occurred. This means that Hope Hicks would have to have been testing negative on the days that she was going to be exposed to the President. The narrative behind this story has serious holes in it. It should also be noted that the President may not actually be at the White House. It is poorly kept secret that the President  could be anywhere thanks to the high speed trains and the underground Continuity of Government tunnel system. In short, I smell a cover story.

Literally, POTUS could be anywhere at this moment. If the Covid story is a cover story, what is POTUS hiding?

There is one clue that we can extrapolate from the existing scenario. If this is a true emergency, then the President would be acting under the Continuity of Government (COG). Is there any proof that would suggest that this would be going on? Yes indeed, as there have been recent events which are strongly suggestive that COG has been initiated at least to some degree. In another series of possible related events, we have previously reported that the commanders of both, SOUTHCOM and NORTHCOM have been sequestered as well.

Strong Evidence That COG Has Been Initiated

From the reported events in the Richfield, UT., and the Kingman-Wikieup area, it was clear at the time of the reports that some form of COG was being initiated. In Part Two, a review of these COG related events will, once again, be summarized.

Motivations for COG

Are there recent events which could trigger a COG protocol and require the President to physically participate in such an activity? There are several candidates, all of which could trigger a COG response:

  1. Impending war with China is a distinct possibility. There are many ancillary factors that could serve to support this notion.
  2. The unleashing of what I have previously called the TET Offensive of terrorism.
  3. Impending war with both Russia and China.
  4. Incoming asteroid(s).
  5. A Deep-State initiated coup against the President.
  6. A defined series, not just one, assassination attempts being launched against the President.

The veil of quarantine buys the President some time to deal with any or all of these aforementioned potential threats.  

In Part Two of this series, each one of the listed six potential threats against POTUS will be analyzed based on known facts.