Has CIA Director Gina Haspel Been Deposed? Is That Why the Deep State Allies Running for Cover?

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The raid on Dominion, in Frankfurt, Germany is real and is provable through, both an inside source and also through the examination of some very, very poorly executed coverups with allies in the mainstream media.

Last night, I had an arranged conversation with a DOJ employee. The arranging person has provided me with tips on 3 very big stories in the past that proved to be absolutely true. The source wants this printed and I want to mention that dead man switches are in play.

The whistleblower DOJ employee is a Democrat, admittedly hates Trump, but is not on board with the coup that has been perpetrated through election fraud which also carries the distinct possibility of a coup in the next few days to be carried out against Trump as he is arrested and removed from office, as Nancy Pelosi has suggested. This person rubs elbows with DOJ decision makers and confirmed what I already know, and what can asceratined is readily apparent to anyone who is paying attention; The Deep State is fully in charge of the DOJ and everyone in it, including Barr.

The following represent some verbatim quotes from this person in a 25 minute conversation.

“Everyone knows that Trump won the election and it was not close.”

“They grabbed Gina…” referring to CIA Director, Gina Haspel and the implication that Haspel is being held allegedly for treason.

“Everyone is scared shitless and everyone knows that shit runs downhill. Many at DOJ fear being arrested by Trump.”

“Many at DOJ fear that the SCOTUS will kick the election can down the road to the House (of Representatives) and they will decide. Trump will win…many will go to prison or even face a firing squad.” (Editor’s note: Please take note of the fact that the DOJ broadened acceptable executions to include death by firing squad and I was told that DOJ did not initiate the change, it was Trump!).

“I hate Trump, but I have a hard time participating in a coup. I am on the periphery but I may be close enough to be prosecuted.  I sit in meetings and also engage in casual conversation initiated by people I suspect of being co-conspirators to treason and I just nod, and acknowledge their comment but I am careful to make no statements which could implicate me. There is no way out for me and I need to establish a pattern of at least benign neglect. Otherwise, my life is over!”

“I believe that an actual and physical coup against Trump could be close. I would be surprised if they killed him. Arrested? Yes, but not killed because of the blow-back. If Trump were to be assassinated, much of the military could mobilized now that Trump has consolidated key commands that only answer to him. I could see a situation where a group shows up on the Oval office and arrests Trump. Fake charges are being concocted by my colleagues. They are speaking of -pardon gate-! It is impeachment 2.0. Could be the impetus to move POTUS out and Biden in before the Inauguration.  Remember,  Schumer called for the approval of Biden’s cabinet in advance of the in advance of the January 20th date. Schumer is clearly up to his ass in this conspiracy”

“The inner circle at DOJ has shrunk significantly. In the past few days, meetings that many would have attended, have been limited to small percentage. Given the context, I have to believe that they are discussing how to neutralize Trump before this all blows back on them.”


For the record, I have much of this information, from other sources that I have been sworn to not release, but was given to me in order to dig up ancillary material that Trump could use. Further,  I do not need this information to make the following statement: “Gina Haspel has been deposed. She is under arrest." I am not the only alt media figure with this information and I believe that we are hours from another source, or two, from releasing what I am publishing here. Before going further, please allow me to remind people that a CIA Director’s image can be electronically projected. And there are body doubles afforded to the CIA Director. The CIA, on November 30th, denied that Haspel is MIA. However, her absence is so notable, and she is no longer attending any intelligence briefings, that the CIA cover up mechanism ought to consider putting her face on a milk-carton (1-800 Where’s Gina?).

If you Google Gina Haspel (arrested) you will immediately come to the Deep States internet cleaning group, Politifact. Within hours of the emergence of the Biden laptop, this group sprang into action with full denials. With regard to Gina Haspel, they issued a strong denial. Let’s proceed down this rabbit hole in order to expose the fact that the Deep State is in a panic.

From cover up experts, Politifact:

Just heard Gina Haspel, CIA head is dead! If POTUS knew about fraud 2 1/2 yrs ago & there was a big sting OP going down, a LOT of DC, state capitals and pols are going down VERY HARD!" reads a Nov. 30 Tweet.

CIA spokesperson Nicole de Haay called the allegation the "most absurd inquiry" she had ever addressed. 

"I’m happy to tell you that Director Haspel is alive and well and at the office," she wrote in a Dec. 2 email. 

Links to another conspiracy theory

The claim appears to stem from a baseless conspiracy theory that alleges the U.S. military raided the Spanish election software company Scytl in Frankfurt, Germany, and seized its servers for evidence of manipulation in the 2020 U.S. elections. Some posts claim that Scytl has links to Dominion Voting Software, the election software and hardware manufacturer that has become a frequent target of misinformation...

As if this sloppy and unconfirmed cover up is not suspicious, The Hill weighed in on this controversy as well. 

CIA Director Gina Haspel was reportedly not in attendance for President Trump's daily in-person intelligence briefing on Friday (Nov 13) amid speculation Trump is considering her firing.

Both CNN and NBC News reported that the meeting, organized by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, excluded Haspel. A senior administration official told CNN that her exclusion was not a good sign for the CIA chief even if her presence is not normally mandatory.

The agency declined to comment to CNN. The Hill has reached out to the White House for comment.

The news comes as the Trump administration undergoes a shakeup among its defense and intelligence leadership, with Defense Secretary Mark Esper fired earlier this week and top Pentagon officials since departing. The firing has been seen as the start of top Cabinet changes that also target Haspel and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Another Trump cybersecurity official is expecting his ouster as well.

Trump and his allies have long been critical of Haspel, but the president's frustration with his CIA chief reportedly began to bubble over after Haspel and other intelligence officials opposed Ratcliffe's decision to declassify documents related to the probe into the origins of the Russia investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham...

But wait, there's more! The National Intelligence publication weighed in on this . A full 48 hours ago, this publication was dropping names to potentially replace Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Wait! Didn't a CIA spokesperson clearly say that Haspel is in the office doing her job? Which is it? 

Notice the reference to Esper, the recently fired Defense Secretary. This coincided with Trump placing all special forces under his command and this also coincided with the raid on Dominion in Frankfurt. Esper had to be gone so he could not leak the information about the coming Frankfurt raid. Again, as Nicole Dehaay, CIA spokesperson stated that Haspel was fast at work at the agency, where is she. We haven't even seen the body double or projected electronic image of Haspel. 

The next question is how is the Deep State going to counter? Is Haspel singing like a canary. Stay tuned!!