Statistical Proof That the Democrats Are Stealing This Election


When the counting and reporting of the vote mysteriously stopped, with Trump ahead in all battle ground states, I felt compelled to report the odds of Biden winning each state when these states closed for unexplained reasons. My intent was to crunch the numbers and make a public record before each state's vote could be stolen. Unfortunately, before I finished, Wisconsin has already been the victim of voter fraud!

I am shocked that as the President closed in on victory in North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, that the voting in these five states suddenly stopped without any explanation. In four of the five states , the President held such a commanding lead that the odds defied a Biden victory, without cheating. However, cheating reared its ugly head with Wisconsin which stopped counting only to reopen 4 hours later, defying all statistical odds and allowed Biden to take the lead.

Here is the breakdown of voting when these five states, acting in unison (Editor’s Note: Yes, I am stating that there is likely collusion on the vote counting and reporting).


        State     Trump   Biden    Diff.     Reporting     Biden Needs

N. Carolina  50.1%  48.7%   +1.4%      93%       <60% of remaining vote


Georgia       50.5%   48.3%   +2.2%      94%        60+% of remaining vote


Wisconsin   53%       49         +4%          91%       65% of remaining vote (2am Eastern)

                        After the Polls Were Closed for Hours upon 6am Report

Wisconsin   49.1%    49.4%  -.3%          95%      The increase in 4% of the vote is mathematically impossible!!! THIS VOTE HAS BEEN STOLEN!!!


Pennsylvania 55.8%  43.1%   +12.7%     64%       Win 2 out of 3 votes


Michigan         51.4%   47%     +4.4%       85%    Win 3 out 5 votes          


Trump had an overwhelming lead in enough states to win the election.

Donald Trump sits at 213 electoral votes. He needs 270 to retain the Presidency. Here is the breakdown of electoral votes of the 5 states that closed before Trump could claim victory. Wisconsin has been stolen. However, Trump holds a huge lead in each of the 4 remaining states and Biden would have to defy the odds, or be the beneficiary of tremendous cheating to win. 

Georgia                16 votes

North Carolina   15 votes

Pennsylvania      20 votes

Wisconsin          10 votes

Michigan            16 Votes

If Trump carries the lead where he has a substantial lead, he will have a total of 280 electoral votes. The Democrats need to steal one more state.

Fox News proved me to be correct, once again that they are the controlled opposition.In the early morning hours, their team which excused the closing of the vote count in the 5 battleground states, made excuse after excuse for the stopping of the reporting. The panel included such people as Chris"the Communist" Wallace, Juan "Bigot" Williams, Dana Perino (no friend of Trump), and other pundits that do not support Trump. Unlike 2016, the only conservatives on Fox consisting of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram were conspicuously missing. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the fix in and we are going to have to decide what to do about it. 

By the way, the President held a news conference and says he's going to the Supreme Court. He's going to lose. He needs to declare election meddling and and declare the insurrection act against the state of Pennsylvania for illegally refusing to admit Republican poll watchers.