Why OBAMA Did Not Support Biden Until the Laptop Evidence Surfaced-This Is the Scandal of the Century!


Why didn’t Obama fully endorse Joe Biden until the end of the campaign? The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. The answer: Hunter Biden’s new formed Rosemont Seneca Partners (ie Rosemont Capital) was able to gain complete access to the power centers of the Chinese financial and banking system after less than a year of being in existence. Hunter was associated with Mitt Romney and Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz. There is no way that this should have happened. However, something interesting happened on the way to a nuclear security summit with then Chinese President Hu Jintao. It is clear from what followed that if Joe Biden gave something in negotiations, that Hunter, on behalf of the “big guy (ie Joe Biden)” would get concessions. It has clearly been established, that Hunter obtained bribes from the financial sector of the CCP and the “Big Guy” got his cut. How many nuclear concessions, which potentially threatened millions of American lives did newly inaugurated Joe Biden make?

The same behaviors and the exact same pattern resurfaced in 2010 as World leaders from 47 countries and three international organizations participated in the first Nuclear Security Summit, held in Washington April 12-13, 2010.  Through the Summit, President Obama brought high-level attention to the global threat posed by nuclear terrorism and advanced a common approach to strengthening nuclear security.  And what was Joe Biden doing, he was selling influence through the front door of the conference, Hunter Biden was reaping tremendous profits, from services NOT rendered. In other words, Hunter was being bribed, shuffling some of the money upstairs to daddy, “the big guy” Joe that was referenced in the laptop from hell. This was incident #2 in Joe Biden’s descent into treason against the United States of America.

As an aside, I would like America to see the role that the criminal Clinton Foundation played in the conference. One of the strategic goals of the conference was to:

  • Reviewing national regulatory and legal requirements related to nuclear security and nuclear trafficking;
  • Converting civilian facilities that use HEU to non-weapons-usable materials;

This was the same time frame that the Clinton Foundation had ventured into the theft of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU), on BLM land, and was selling the HEU to Russia. This was also the same time that the Bundy disputes with BLM (that would be the Bureau of Land Management, not Black Lives Matter) in what would become Uranium One, as printed by the NY Times. People wonder why Hillary did not go to jail over the 33,000 illegal emails, look at what she was doing here and she was flaunting the trafficking in HEU with America’s enemy, Russia. The very same Russia that she claimed stole the 2016 election on behalf of Trump. Just for fun, I would like to remind the readers that the first delivery of HEU to the Russians was made by Robert Mueller on behalf of Hillary.

Just for fun, click this link   https://thecommonsenseshow.com/conspiracy/robert-mueller-guilty-cover-mafia-murders-and-committed-treason-while-fbi-director    A screen shot of the two documents that solidify former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, the man who attempted to prosecute Trump for the Russian-Collusion-Delusion are there, despite some the links now having been removed. This means that the criminality of the “laptop” spills over to the Clinton Foundation and Robert Mueller.

But wait, there’s more! In December 2013, Joe Biden and son Hunter were enjoying the benefits of Biden’s second term his second term as Vice President, and the father and son traitor team went on an extended official trip on Air Force Two. Biden met with President Xi and Hunter, as we know cut deals with the Bank of China as well as other Chinese entities. As has been established by the "laptop" more deals were made that compromised national security. 

We could go on with this traitorous hit parade, but you get the idea. However, it is time to cut to the chase. Obama did not initially support Biden because he believed that baggage from Quid Pro Joe would surface from his dealings in Ukraine and China, and they did through the laptop. That is when Obama sprang into action. The following represents the combined efforts of Alexandra Daley and myself. The following represents why Obama did not want Biden to run for President because he knew he would have to clean up his mess.

The trail to unravel the Ukrainian criminality involving so many officials within our government is extremely complicated. To keep the presentation simple, it is important to segment and compartmentalize the information. For every piece of evidence I am offering below, there is at least a thousand times more of the same evidence. 

The following elements will be covered:

1. The pervasive and far-reaching money laundering done by US financial houses and major banks. The following document is just a snap shot. Burisma's partners include, but are not limited to, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and Bank of America

2. A copy of an evidence document in the trial of Devon Archer in which Morgan Stanley held $2.4 million of Archer's laundered money. As the evidence shows, Wall Street was involved. As Alexandra Daley and myself covered in our radio interview, Devon Archer was connected to Mitt Romney, Cofer Black (Mitt Romney's National Security Adviser for is 2012 Election campaign team), Hunter Biden and Joe Biden who ran interference. John Kerry's stepson is associated with Archer as well. (see Government Exhibit 301). 

3. Evidence exists that the Obama administration attempt to "fix" the Burisma trials in Ukraine so as to avoid linkage to key Democrats. 


Let's begin the investigation with an analysis of a piece of Ukrainian court evidence which implicates Devon Archer and several US financial houses and major banks. 




Preventing Future Prosecutions and Keeping a Future President From Finding Out

In 2016, Ukraine was making more noise about continued Burisma, which would have included Rosemont Seneca LLC and Seneca LLC, and many were in danger of being investigated. She Democrats, through the Obama administration, attempted to control the prosecution of the Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, et al.  This is unbelievable, but the meeting itenerary is here. The Obama administration was giving lessons to Ukrainian prosecutors.. What could they have been covering up? Why the sudden rush? Was it because this was an election year and Trump woud soon have access to this information if he was elected? If this was a horse race, we would say it was fixed. Here's the listing of part of the meeting agenda and schedule for this event. 

Thiink about this....If the Obama administration was not complicit in Burisma criminality, why would the US care? This would just be an internal Ukrainian affair. However, when looks at what the Obama administration did next, it is mind-boggling. Below we have the elte in the US government, many from the Department of Justice, involved in "training" Ukrainian prosecutors. Since when would Ukrainian prosecutors need to be trained by American government officials about an internal affair? Don't the Ukrainians train their lawyers in law schools? 

The read motive is that the Obama administration is attempting to educate the Ukrainians on the do's and dont's of what they were embarking on. Do prosecute Ukrainians, don't prosecute American politicians and their family members. They cannot have any repeats of the embarassments of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. 

 Below is some pertinent information related to fixing later Ukrainian prosecutions. Further, this will allow the Obama administration to bury evidence as well it is discovered. 


English translation of Ukrainian general prosecutors’ meeting agenda for a meeting at the Obama White House in January 2016.

Prosecutors’ Training Program

Study Visit to USA

January 18-24, 2016

04:00 – 04:30  Registration for the flight

Flight LH 1493 to Franfurt at 06:00

UA 988 flight from Frankfurt to Washington DC at 11:25

14:00 Delegation arrives in Washington

Transfer to the hotel: JW Marrriot Hotel, 1331 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20004

11:00 – 12:00 Meeting Eric Ciarmella (Editor's Note: This is the infamous whistleblower's identity in the House Impeachment Trial) and Elizabeth Zentos, National Security Council

Editor’s note: Other notable names that appears on the meeting agenda are as follows:

  1. Kenneth Blanco, Deputy Prosecutor General
  2. Bruce Schwartz, Adviser to the Attorney General for International Affairs of the US Department of Justice
  3. Michael Horowitz, US Inspector General of the US Department of Justice
  4. James Walsham, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
  5. Jonathan Katz, Deputy Head of the Office for Europe and Asia, United States Agency for International Development  (Editor’s Note: This would have been the foreign aid disbursement agency. If Trump felt that Katz was involved in training these Ukrainian prosecutors how to cover up American (ie Biden, Archer, Romney, et al) involvement in the Burisma prosecutions, then Trump had the legal obligation under the Foreign Securities Act of 1961 to investigate criminality before dispensing foreign aid in the form of the $300 million defensive weapons systems).   

Does anyone find it difficult to believe that favorable trade deals were contingent on the quid pro quo for the Ukrainians willingness to look the other way when it came to Democratic involvement with Burisma and its multitude of spin-off criminal ventures? If only I had subpoena power....

In conclusion, we have the complicity of major USA banks in Burisma. And we also have the Obama administration attempting to control the flow of information regarding illegal actions on the part of key Democrats in Ukraine. And if Obama's administration is deeply involved in fixing the Ukrainian trials, wouldn't any prosecutor believe that Obama was also involved and issue the appropriate subpoena's. Ladies and gentlemet, this investigation is still in the early stages. With all this criminality, Trump had the right and the duty to investigate Ukraine criminality before dispensing any aid. Impeachment trial over, case closed!!!!

This is why Obama sprang into action and began to campaign for Quid Pro Joe. He is shielding himself and other Democrats from prosecution.  It is clear that the Biden sloppiness with the laptop exposed the entire leadership of the Democratic Party. For example, the Steele Dossier and Obama/Clinton's participation is worthy of a lengthy prison sentence. The Democrats were forced to break every rule in elections, because they only way that this does not become adjudicated is if Biden is President. 

If Biden is allowed to assume the Presidency, we are living under an international mafia. May God help us!