The Arizona Audit Has Been Compromised: It Is Time for the Proverbial Poop to Hit the (karen) Fann


Attention America: Donald Trump won the election in Maricopa County and thus, he carried the state. There is enough evidence to send some to prison for election fraud. Arizona could be the first domino to fall in exposing to the nation that the 2020 election was stolen. 


Arizona’s audit is the last hope for America. If the audit is successful in demonstrating massive voter fraud, sufficient enough to overturn the election in Arizona, this will set off a domino effect in other states and will result in America taking to the streets and forcing the courts to install Trump as the President. HOWEVER, IF THE AUDIT LEADERSHIP CONTINUES TO HAVE THEIR HAND ON THE “CHICKEN SWITCH”, THE DEMOCRATS WILL PASS HR 1 AND PERMANENTLY TAKE CONTROL OF THE COUNTRY’S ELECTIONS.


Stalin once stated, “I don’t care who votes, I only care about who counts the votes.” The ghost of Stalin has appeared over Veterans Memorial ‘s Coliseum and is imposing his communist will over State Senate President Karen Fann who is single-handedly undermining the excellent efforts of the audit team. The facts don’t matter to Karen. The dire implications for the country’s welfare. Her oversight of the audit process, along with her announced goal to not alter the election no matter what the election audit tells the public that this is the Warren Commission 2.0 and Karen Fann is as much of a traitor to this country as Allen Dulles was to America in 1963.


Fann has repeatedly told The Gateway Pundit that we hope to use the election audit to prevent the same thing from happening in 2022. However, and very early on in the process, Fann stated that we are not trying to overturn the election. Then, why the hell do an audit while spending $8 million dollars of taxpayer dollars? After all, if someone breaks into your store and steals the merchandise and the crime is solved and the property is recovered, then isn’t the property returned to the rightful owners? Not according to Fann, we will just let the thieves who stole the 2020 election get away with the number one crime in American history and Arizona State Senate President, Karen Fann, is an accomplice, after the fact, for this crime of the century. America, it is time for the proverbial poop to hit the fan. America, if we lose this battle and Biden gets away with this country-snatching crime, we will never get America back. More on Fann later in this report.


Audit Disinformation


I recently attended a Tea Party meeting in which guest, Liz Harris provided an update of the Arizona audit of the Maricopa County vote. The information was incomplete from what I know to be true. We did not hear the following information that I know, from insider sources to be true.

  1. The duplicate ballots do not have the required original ballot which must be affixed to the duplicate. All of these votes, an estimated 20,00, probably should be disqualified. The majority of the votes went to Joe Biden. There needs to be no further investigation, Trump won solely based on this fact. This is being ignored by the audit team.
  2. The election officials, as required by law, were never provided with the voting machine election codes. They were presumably retained by Dominion. I have been told by some election officials in various Maricopa election precincts that Dominion officials were isolated, were not under supervision and they had their laptops. What could go wrong? This was ignored by the audit team.


These 2 examples are only the tip of the iceberg of the obfuscation of the election fraud facts that I know the audit team has discovered. Please remember, when I published these facts and more, almost three months ago, members of audit team, and those close to the audit began to contact my media colleagues and admonished them to forsake their support of my work. They said things like “Hodges is threatening the audit…we will lose the audit.”  What a joke! I am private citizen exercising my Constitutional right to free speech and expressing a redress of grievances. One prominent talk show received a thinly veiled death threat if he continued to follow me. If my one-man-show was not producing truthful results, I should have been ignored and discredited. But that is not what these audit-related people did. I was correct then and I am correct now. Trump won the Arizona General Election and I know at least 5 ways that this can be proven.


It strongly appears that some members of the audit “Biden protection team” are coming after me again.  I won’t make the same mistake as Breitbart. I have distributed my findings to several people. This is called a kill switch.


Over the next several days/weeks, I, or my surrogates, will be releasing reasons why the public should trust Karen Fann’s management of the audit results. On July 26, a prominent talk show host in California asked a rhetorical question on his show; “Why is it Fann’s construction company driving all new trucks. Somebody from Chino Valley (AZ-Yavapai County) has asked similar questions about potential conflicts of interests involving the Fann business and various state highway related contracts. The CSS is looking into these allegations, and they are proven to be untrue, we will print the results of our investigation, either way.


Why are conflicts of interests so concerning in this matter? If the allegations made by private citizens are true, any conflict of interest provides political enemies with an avenue to leverage a politician.


Here is what do know about Karen Fann. She knows there is voter fraud. She is refusing to apply the full force of her office to deal with this obvious fraud. She is purposefully disenfranchising Arizona’s voters. I have been advised that this is potentially a felony. I personally know of several people who are researching these concerning variables related to Fann and her handling of the audit.


Privately, election officials and an audit team member are not on board with the continued facilitation of devastating theft of the election and subsequently, our country. They have all told me that Fann is slow-walking a new subpoena to be delivered to the County Board of Supervisors. Further, I am told that Fann is only going to subpoena 4 items and there are 20 critical items that are needed by the audit team.

I am going to operate, for the time being on a presumption of innocence based on what I am told. However, when one forsakes their constitutional duty to right the wrong that has happened under Fann's watch, she needs to feel the full force of several investigations. This will have to happen from grass-roots-groups. Why? Because anyone who could do anything about this stolen election is compromised!


If Fann and any of her like-minded colleagues think that this article is the result of a deranged conspiracy theorist, think again. Before concluding the aforementioned Tea Party meeting, Liz Harris admonished the attendees, to call Fann and exert pressure upon her to release the full audit results and to conduct a proper subpoena. Sounds like division in the ranks, doesn't it?


I have much more that I will be releasing. But for now, America hangs in the balance and Karen Fann holds the key to America’s continued existence as a Constitutional Republic. It is time that the proverbial poop hits the Fann.


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