The Earth's Planetary Defense System

deep space platform

Since my father’s revelations regarding his work in reverse engineering Nazi theoretical physics from the drawing board to actual application from a research and development standpoint. My father told me that it took him years to figure out that we were using the same old Newtonian physics in NASA and never made significant advances from the initial Mercury Missions all the way through the Apollo missions. By the time we landed on moon, we already had tested faster than light travel (FTL) craft, from an unmanned perspective. Then why was NASA not using this technology? That was the question I put to my father in 1984. His answer was that we using an archaic theoretical physics model based upon Newtonian three dimensional physics in NASA craft. By 1984, he recognized, through inference, that we had a secret space program that was using an advanced physics model. He tried to teach me the model as best as he could and he was teaching it to someone whose background was in the social sciences, not the physical sciences.

In the early 2000’s, in Germany, I read about a “teleportation” experiment in which an inanimate object was teleported across the laboratory. The report stated that the object was both in its original position at the same time, as it was in its new position. Yes, I am speaking of the phenomenon of bilocation which is more often attributed to out of body experiences. Former UC Davis professor, Charles Tart, who also did some pioneering work in DNA sequencing, conducted a few out of body experiments. There can be little doubt that the ability to acquire knowledge involves the ability to acquire information from our three dimensional reality from other dimensions. Famed physicist. Michio Kaku, has mathematically proven the existence of at least 26 dimensions. In short, the physics that allows for remote viewing and these concepts can be applied to understanding the science behind the miracle power of prayer and where it draws it power from. Remember, there is no magic, simply science that we do not understand. God created the universe and subsequently all scientific laws are of God’s creation as well.  The notions come from what is often called a hyperdimensional model.

Teleportation of soldier was admitted to in an Army produced article on April 1, 2016 and this was no April fools joke. The article has since been scrubbed and one gets a 404 code. However, the search engine description survives.


Breaking: Army scientists successfully ‘teleport’ Soldiers › article › breaking_army_scientists_successfully_tel...

Apr 1, 2016 - Army scientists have successfully "teleported" a fully equipped squad ... area in Germany, the Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) announced today. ... According to Storm, a device not unlike the "flux capacitor" seen in the ...


This is called Stargate technology. And speaking of stargates, I have learned from a couple of sources that the show Stargate SG-1 was indeed the creation of the CIA.  In the many presentations of people like Steve Quayle and Vance Davis as well as the late Bill Pawelec, we know the technology exists. In the various presentation of these individuals, and now I have to include Mike Adams, the TV show has several episodes which reveals the technology to the audience in a forum of entertainment.

As I stated, the science that makes all of this possible is hyperdimensional physics. The person who best describes the science and some of the technologies associated with the repressed discipline, is Richard Hoagland. Hoagland has a weekend radio show and the ad for the show is at the bottom of the CSS.

Where is this science lesson going? This science ties into a discovery I have recently made. We have a planetary defense grid. I do not profess to know and understand the entire schema of this defense grid. What is really interesting is that in Mike Adams Gensix, True Legends presentation, at Branson, he talked about the need to form a planetary defense grid based on what he has learned about existing threats to humanity. Mike and I share the belief that the planet is being terraformed and we humans will be replaced in the near future. According to Mike Adams, we need to eradicate the internal threat and prepare for invasion from without and I would add from underneath (ie Steve Quayle). Mike’s wish for planetary defense is a reality. Admittedly, my knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s defense grid is simplistic and incomplete. However, obtaining information was not as difficult as I had anticipated. It would appear that there is a segment of the American establishment recognizes that threat and has planned accordingly.

Here is what I have learned. First, we have Deep Space Platforms that forms an interlocking grid of defensive weapons and the weapons are of a plasma nature.

Second, there is a defense system designed to detect and attack uninvited craft as they  “blink in” in near earth orbit. Going through the atmosphere, even with hyperdimensional based travel makes them vulnerable to detection and attack. We are talking about the moment of opportunity for our defense forces is a millisecond and involves invoking energies from beyond our three dimensional reality which can track and destroy such craft. If you have ever wondered how so many rumored UFO crashes could take place, now you know. We are at war. This morning, I am left wondering if Reagan’s warning about an ET threat was echoed, yesterday, when President Trump said “we are at war”. Well, we are not at war in Iran, yet. So, what was the President talking about?

I was recently sent a 7 minute video from the show What on Earth? No offense intended, I don’t watch much TV and I have never heard of the show. Again, no offense intended, but the producers of the show displayed a lack journalistic resilience with regard to the revelations of what I am labeling the Babylonian Space Gun. I have learned that this gun is party of a Phase II set of defenses which is designed to track and destroy alien craft (ie fallen angels deception artists).

The following video is comical in its conclusion. However, the first few minutes of the video is fascinating as it details the creation of a space gun that could fire high velocity shells and it was designed to be pointed up. Aside from the video, I have learned from a confidential source, that an agency connected to the government stole the device from the creator and stated that because of the Vietnam War, the creator was told that the gun and the related project was cancelled. As the show indicates, this inventor took the gun to the international market and Saddam Hussein bit on the project and paid the inventor $25 million. Both Israel and Iran became concerned and the Mossad assassinated the inventor when he was vacationing in Europe.

The second part of the video is the laughable part. The show received an aerial photo. The photo showed something that looked like the long barrel of this gun. The show investigated. The object was in the desert near Yuma. I know exactly the geographic location as one who would be traveling from Wickenburg to Yuma would pass by. The area is highly restricted. This is where the show becomes comical. The show was granted access to the alleged area where the gun was photographed. The film crew taped a blimp being used for drug interdiction. The surrounding topography between the aerial photo and the blimp location clearly does not match.


I was sent this video by an anonymous source with no direction. They must have figured that I would take it upon myself to investigate and discover the deception. I have only had a couple of days to do so. However, I have had some positive hits from good sources, mostly contacts of people that I already know. This is what I have learned.

1.      We do indeed have a planetary defense system. The Babylon Space Gun is a small part of the defense system.

2.      The system of guns is dispersed around the planet and they are designed to shoot down uninvited guests as they appear in our orbit or below.

3.      Unlike its prototype, the device does not fire ballistic propelled shells. The technology is mind-bending. It is an interdimensional weapon. These craft have the ability to harness energies from other than the three dimensions and can blink in and out. However the so-called shells fired by these guns are coordinated by ‘special satellites’. Unlike heat seeking missiles, the weapon tracks energy not heat and  has the ability to traverse our 3 dimensional reality. This is why I mentioned the earlier teleportation technology. This is likely a very closely related technology.

4.      The coverage areas overlap both geographically and interdimensionally. The weapon can perform amazing maneuvers in its tracking of a target. The weapon does not break apart because of what is called dampners which can temporarily displace time and space so the weapon is not destroyed upon its sudden course changes. I was told by a source that this is the same technology that is in use in UFO’s that make 10,000 mph right angle turns without crushing the inhabitants. This was exactly the same theoretical physics that my father was reverse engineering in the 1960’s. This is the same technology that Richard Hoagland discusses in which interdimensional grid lines are used to propel both craft and weapons projectiles.

One of the sources I spoke with had read my article on the encounter between two Russian submarines and an American submarine. The smaller submersible Russian submarine was mining the ocean floor in search of something when it was discovered and attacked by an American submarine. Both craft were severely damaged. The Russians suffered 14 deaths. The American casualties are unknown. This July event caused Putin to retaliate and he attacked our China Lake facility with an earthquake weapon. Before one wrinkles up their nose, please research the document from the 1990’s, Air Force Owning the Weather 2025. This is why President Trump tired to buy Greenland because he wanted to re-occupy an underground base we built in the 1960’s. He needed a place to move our China Lake assets.

Sometimes, the information comes in faster than can be quickly processed. This is merely a progress report. There will be a number of follow-ups on this topic. Steve Quayle, Mike Adams and myself are on this topic from entirely different angles, but I am willing to bet that we all end up in the same place. The human race, particularly Christians, are in grave danger and this topic opens the door to understanding the dilemma.

I would highly encourage obtaining the DVD’s, VOD of the Branson conference as it will fill in a lot of details that is not yet covered here.