"Happy Mother's Day" From Jeff Bezos As Amazon Fires 7 Women for Getting Pregnant


Jeff Bezos is the poster-child for the type of immoral, degenerate and anti-American leadership that is being forced upon America by the mentally ill liberal left. This article briefly encapsulates how leftists, like Bezos, pose such a grave threat to our culture as well as the rule of law for America. 

The Amazon Seven

Seven women have been fired from Amazon because they are pregnant. Unfortunately, for Amazon, federal law is The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued new guidance on how to interpret the PDA and other laws protecting pregnant women on the job. There are several guidelines that employers should be mindful of.

First and foremost, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 absolutely forbids a woman from being fired because she is pregnant. Of course, we should be careful not assume that an extreme liberal, such as the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, would ever care about the rule of law. In his mind, he is the law.

The Amazon Seven have filed a law suit against Amazon. However, that does not mitigate the intent of Amazon to abuse its female workers. 

Amazon Has a History of Abuse Against Its Female Workers

Amazon workers are said to be so swamped that they are unable to even take normal bathroom breaks, and are instead forced to relieve themselves in so-called pee bottles in order to avoid being reprimanded. This shocking bit of news comes from author James Bloodworth, who went undercover at the Amazon warehouse located in Staffordshire, U.K., while writing a book on low wages in Britain. According to Bloodworth, the fulfillment workers at the warehouse had a working “toilet bottle” system in place, which had to be implemented due to the fact that bathrooms were not really a priority for their main operations. “For those of us who worked on the top floor, the closest toilets were down four flight of stairs,” he said in a statement to TheSun.co.uk. “People just peed in bottles because they lived in fear of being disciplined over ‘idle time’ and losing their jobs because they needed the loo.” So what are female workers who are pregnant supposed to do?

Bezos' contempt for women is omnipresent after he was “exposed”, or should I say he exposed his mistress, while he was still married. The National Enquirer obtained nude photos taken by Bezos himself of private parts as sent to his girlfriend, former LA TV news anchor, Lauren Sanchez. This event caused his wife, at the time, to declare Bezos to be a serial cheater and subsequently divorced him. His contempt for women, in general, is omnipresent. Unfortunately, his contempt for women is not his only major shortcoming. 

Bezos Is Not Just Anti-Woman, He's Anti-American

Bezos contemptuous attitude does not end with his treatment of women. He is decidedly anti-American as evidenced by the following:

Bezos and his Washington Post leads the way in yellow journalism. How can they be objective when they are in business with the CIA? That's right, WAPO received $600 million dollars to do business with the CIA. WAPO, like Bezos' wedding vows are fake and fraudulent. 

America deserves better. Why are we, as a public ,enriching such a degenerate as Jeff Bezos? A final thought: Why aren't various feminist groups going after Bezos with a vengeance like they did Trump during the campaign of 2016? Or do the feminist groups only attack who George Soros tells them to attack?

Bezos is one of the five most powerful men in what we typically call the New World Order. Is this what you want for your children's future? You daughter's future?

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