Katie Hobbs Openly Admittted That She Intended to Use Her Secretary of State Position to Get Democrats Elected and Keep Them Elected! What About This Mainstream Media?


Democrats nominee and candidate for the office of Governor in Arizona made a stunning announcement after being elected to the Secretary of State office with the help of $2 million from globalist organizations controlled by George Soros.  See the video below....but more on Hobbs.

If Hobbs is running to be Arizona's next Governor, and she is indeed a candidate for the office, should she still be in charge of the election as the current Secretary of State? Conflict of interest laws should have forced Hobbs to recuse herself from overseeing the election, but she did not. And liberals wonder why conservatives scream "election fraud" when 33% of Maricopa County's election tabulating machines go down at the beginning of the vote on November 8th and these impacted election centers were primarily in Republican neighborhoods. Many discouraged voters left, without voting and went to work. Others had their "substitute" ballots taken from them and placed in open boxes where anything can happen. Today, Fox News reported that in at two of the election centers, the substitute ballots were mixed with the already counted ballot. Fox News reached out to the children running Maricopa County's election and they refused comment!  How many coincidences does it take to make a conspiracy? The MSM will call me an election denier when in fact they enable "justice-deniers."

Let's go back to 2018, when Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs made a promise to essentially steal elections for the Democrats. She stated that if she were to win she would help Democrats prevail in races statewide.

Hobbs made the pledge at a Democratic candidates forum in the spring of that year, saying, “We going to do very well electing statewide Democrats, and the secretary of state’s office is how we’re going to hold on to those wins... how we’re going to continue to make gains in the legislature and really create a state that reflects all of our values.” Hobbs, being the Communist that she is, made it abundantly clear that she endorses the Stalin mantra of not caring who votes, but only with counts the votes. This partisan mindset sets the stage for the corruption that took place in Arizona’s corrupt 2020 Election and now history has repeated itself in 2022 and Hobbs is working her black magic again.

 Here is the Hobbs admission of guilt. 

 The law says an office holder cannot even have the appearance of impropriety!  

 Since Hobbs refused to recuse herself, Kari Lake needs to immediately sue!