Is the Mutinous US Navy Trying to Provoke WW III Without Trump's Approval?

south china sea

The USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS-10), an Independence-class littoral combat ship, sailed within 12 nautical miles a militarized island in the South China Sea which is owned and operated by China. Subsequently, the USS Wayne E. Meyer, a guided-missile destroyer, sailed through the Paracel islands in the South China Sea as well.

China is furious! They have threatened the US that a "misunderstanding" or a "mishap"  could occur if the US insists that the South China Sea is violated by the US. 

The Chinese are clearly out to lunch. Anything more than 3 miles off the coast of any land mass is international waters. Therefore, the Chinese claim is in grevious error. However, China is willing to to to war over this issue and directly threatened the United States this week. What is the story? why is China so willing to go war when they are clearly wrong. But also, why is the US Navy continuing to poke China and seemingly trying to provoke war?

The irresistible force meets the immovable object.

The New and Emboldened China

The answer to the questions to the abovementioned questions is contained in this section.

China's economy, no matter how many times they try to restructure is failing. The Chinese government faces disenfranchised opposition from extremely poor peasants living in the outlying provinces. To add salt to these wounds, the Chinese was purposely left out of a monumental trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Trump killed the TPP because it was deemed to be the beginning of a corporate dictatorship in America. But China has a long memory and they are going to continue to disrupt trade in the region, in their backyard because they have not forgotten the slight. Subsequently, Chinese foreign policy is guided by these two principles:

  1. Disrupt all South China Sea trade so no nation gains an economic advantage over China. 
  2. Isolate Taiwan geographically and militarily. Closing down the South China Sea moves China in the direction of accomplishing this kind of action. The short-term goal is to economically diminish Taiwan. The final goal is the take-over of Taiwan.

China is increasingly aggressive, almost to the point of forming a quasi-naval blockade in and around the disputed territories which are a point of disagreement between China, her neighbors and the United States. In fact, China's actions within the last few days are clearly indicative of a nation determined to defend its claims. It is critical to keep in mind that every dispute in the region, for China, begins and ends with Taiwan and Taiwan lies just north of the disputed area. These unfolding events in the South China Sea is also about the unfolding of the new Chinese hegemony, or, the establishment of the most recent flavor of the New World Order. THE GLOBALISTS WANT THIS DIVISION BECAUSE THEY WANT WORLD WAR iii AND CHINA IS THE BEST WAY TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL. 

US Trade Sanctions and World War III

If the US does not release the trade the sanctions against China, which are devastatingly effective, the Chinese are demonstrating an increasing desire to go to way.. This war wil not just be fought in the South China Sea. China will shut down the Panama Canal. China has been positioning to take over the southern part of Africa and will cut off shipping around the southern tip of the African continent. Further, when the US engages China in the South China sea, all those Chinese soldiers that do not exist in Mexico and the United States, will come out once and for all and attack the United States along with the cartels that they control as well as several communist nations in Central and South America (eg Argentina). Yes, this would be the commencment of a Red Dawn invasion against the United States. And the Chinese would have an important ally. Namely, the United Nations. T

This is a war the United States cannot win. President Trump is also facing a Navy that is in a state of mutiny against the President. They are conducting joint war games with the Chinese! This is insane and Trump has ordered this stopped, but the Navy is ignoring the order. Additionally, it is the belief of many that the Navy's provoking China with the recent incidents in the South China Sea is the Navy's own dealing, not Trump's plan. IS the Navy deliberately trying to provoke WW III without Trump's approval? It would seem so.