Soros-Backed Domestic Terrorist Groups Planning to Use Violence to Force Trump From Office


The man who would destroy America.[/caption] In the period 2014-2015, the Obama administration ordered the catch and release of MS-13, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood in the midst of the last Central American immigration invasion. These multiple accounts can be accessed through the search engine provided on The Common Sense Show. Please file away this fact for future reference in this article. There is another factor to consider prior to considering the content of this article. Wouldn't you agree it was a huge mistake, on behalf of the Deep State and their globalist puppet masters to allow the New York Times to expose Hillary Clinton's involvement in Uranium One in which she, Comey, Mueller and the Clinton Foundation sold highly enriched uranium to the Russians in exchange for funds that were placed in the Clinton Foundation in which part of the proceeds were funneled into Hillary's 2016 run for President?  Along the same lines of inadvertent exposure of globalist plans took place in USA Today.

Double Sourced Revelation

I have been telling my confidants that for several weeks, that I was learning that Soros has put together  a dissident army on our soil which will create such havoc and chaos, that martial law will be declared. But the real goal is regime change through a coup in the midst of the chaos. I asked who was the source behind this action and I was told that it was Soros and friends and that his groups are being formed into a nightmarish and formidable domestic terrorist force in which widespread violence and political assassinations will be a part of the strategy for bringing this country down. This is completely believable because we know that Soros was paying members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa to disrupt Trump events during the 2016 campaign. I have heard two similar versions of this story from inside sources that I routinely consult with. In attempt to confirm this, I looked for open source intelligence that would confirm these accounts. What I found was even better. I discovered an MSM article from 2017 that laid out the organizational structure of this movement.

Revelations from USA Today

The following is reminiscent of the Uranium One revelations in that the Independent Media gets an unintended assist from this mainstream media source. From USA Today from March 20, 2017:

....A network of some of the nation’s wealthiest Democratic donors is weighing providing money and support to several of the new activist groups that have cropped up since Election Day to challenge President Trump and his agenda... Organizers of J anuary’s Women’s March on Washington and leaders of Indivisible will make presentations later this week to the Democracy Alliance when the influential donor coalition holds its private spring meeting in Washington, the group’s president Gara LaMarche said... LaMarche said he already has sought to connect alliance contributors to Indivisible, one of the groups at the forefront of anti-Trump efforts. Its organizers, led by former Democratic congressional aides, have created ahow-to manual “for resisting the Trump agenda ... (EDITOR'S NOTE: THE MANUAL WAS RECENTLY PURGED FROM THE INTERNET).  More than 5,500 local groups are using the guide to fight administration policies, organizers say. “Everybody is impressed by what’s come up in a grassroots sense and doing what we can to support that and connect that up to a larger infrastructure,” LaMarche told USA TODAY.  The alliance, aligned with billionaire financier George Soros, also is weighing building a pool of money that can be deployed for “rapid response” work by other liberal groups on an array of issues, such as challenging the Trump administration on the deportation of undocumented immigrants. ...In a recent Fox News interview, for instance, White House spokesman Sean Spicer called the liberal activism at sometimes rowdy congressional town halls a “very paid, Astroturf-type movement.” Trumphimself tweeted that many of the “so-called angry crowds” confronting Republicans were “planned out by liberal activists.”... ;;;Levin and Greenberg, both of whom worked on Capitol Hill during the rise of the Tea Party, and a couple dozen volunteers helped draft their 23-page anti-Trump guide, which was posted as a Google document two weeks before Christmas. It quickly went viral and has become a manual on how to pressure lawmakers that Levin said is now used by groups registered in every congressional district. That growth, he said, “mostly speaks to the level of energy out there and the sheer scale of the opposition to this president’s agenda.”... ...The alliance, formed in 2005, has close ties to some of the biggest names in liberal politics. Soros helped found the group along with Taco Bell heir Rob McKay and other wealthy Democrats. The network does not release the names of its donors, but other contributors identified with the group have included Tom Steyer, a billionaire environmentalist from California who contributed more than $90 million to politically active super PACs in the 2016 election cycle.... ... The alliance does not donate directly to groups. Instead, its 120 or so donors — officially termed “partners” — pay annual dues to the alliance. They also are required to contribute at least $200,000 a year to organizations the alliance recommends. ...Those groups currently include the Obama-aligned Organizing for Action, the liberal Center for American Progress think tank and Color of Change, whose political action arm last year successfully pressured several big corporations to boycott the Republican National Convention over Trump’s rhetoric about women, Muslims and Latinos... ...LaMarche said about 200 alliance "partners" and others will attend the main conference, following the summit. Topics will include strategies for regaining ground with the working-class voters who backed Trump...

My sources say that it is the "secret donors" identified in this article that will be the perpetrators for what is coming.


From the Fall of 2016 to the Winter of 2017, I interviewed the President of the New California movement, Paul Preston, several times. One of the reoccurring themes centered around the planned violence by the now-failed CALEXIT movement should they not get their way which was to force a breakup of the country. Preston had embedded sources at these meetings which included former members of the Obama administration, Governor Jerry Brown, several gang members from MS-13, the Sinoloa's etc., in which the plan to cause absolute violence and mayhem would be enacted should CALEXIT fail. Joanne Blades from the Soros organization Move, surfaced in support of the CALEXIT agenda. This constitutes even more ancillary support for the notion that the Soros inspired radical left is planning violence and regime change. And one more thing, the Internet Kill switch will be initiated when the coup begins. As a result of my work on this article, I happened upon a strategy that if these other contingencies centering around regime change and extreme violence fail, that there is a plot within a segment of the Republican Party to sabotage Trump's re-election campaign. This will be covered in a future article.