Why Did the DOJ and Kamala Harris Lie About the Vice President-Elect's Location on January 6, 2021?- The Doug and Dave Intel Report


There are stunning revelations on the Doug and Dave Intel Report. A wide variety of topics were covered, however, two issues jump to the front of the line in this edition. 

1. Did Kamala Harris come within moments of being assassinated on January 6, 2021? It has been discovered that the DOJ lied about Harris' location at 1250pm when the Capitol barricades were breached (with help from key Capitol Police). We now know that Harris' true location was covered up until this week. She was not at the Capitol as was alleged by DOJ prosecutors in criminal indictments and those indictments, against arrested Capitol Building tresspassers, and these indictment were just changed.

Dave unfolds the scenario as this was new to Doug. Doug's brings his DHS expertise to the table. Doug remains, skeptical that Kamala Harris narrowly escaped assassination. However, Doug has not seen the new evidence. There is a fasinating dialogue between Doug and Dave. A follow up is coming as both Doug and Dave review more of the emerging evidence.  One thing we can say for sure, that for over a year, the DOJ and Harris have lied about her location on January 6th. 

Dave promises to unveil the evidence on Feburary 11, 2022 and the evidence is hiding in plain site. 

2. The Covid narrative has collapsed. Fauci is silent and Democratic political strongholds are lifting restrictions are being lifted just in time for the 2022 midterm elections. Did the science change, or did the politics change? Doug and Dave explore the issue along with the latest on the Canadian convoy. 


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