Does Trump Sending 10,000 Troops to India Indicate That War With China Draws Near?


I have a friend, a retired high-ranking military officer. He made it possible for me to speak with two officers serving at the Pentagon which I subsequently did. Their message did not alter my opinion of what is underway and what is ultimately coming, it enhanced what I already know to true. Both officers stated that if Trump wanted to remain in control and get re-elected, he would have to deliver a war to the Joint Chiefs that they are so desperately seeking. As it was explained to me, the Joint Chiefs are owned by various aspects of the so-called military industrial complex who are clamoring for war with China in the same manner that Fauci and Birx are owned by Bill Gates. Because dividison and tensions are so high in the Pentagon, I am also convinced that if we do not go to war with China, we will be in a Civil War and it will be General vs General.

First, they wanted war with Syria and they were turned back. Then they wanted war with Venezuela and they were blocked by Trump. Now they are going after the big prize, war with China. I was told, twice, that if Trump wants to remain in control, there will be World War III with China. I have held back from publishing this until I received some confirmation. Confirmation seems to have come from a reshuffling of our forces based in Europe and two events jump quickly into the limelight:

China has launched a “soft” invasion of India. Tensions and weapons brought to bear have recently increased in terms of threat and potency of the weaponry involved. No coincidentally, Trump announced that he was removing 10,000 troops from Germany. I wrongly speculated that the troops might be used to stop the insurrection of Democratic mayors and governors. Instead, these 10,000 troops were reassigned to India, of all places. This is a provocative move that surely would have drawn the negative attention of China and their ally, a staunch enemy of India, Pakistan. Given what I have been told, I have to ask the question, “Is Trump preparing to give the Military Industrial Complex what they want?”  If he does, he remains President. If not, there will likely be a coup.

A war with China will make the weapons manufacturers billions of dollars. Of course the bankers will back any venture that will put much needed capital into their failing banks. A war with China would force the military to mend bridges as the engage in a war for survival. Otherwise, as America degenerates, so will the military and as one source told me: “It will be General vs General”.

I have learned from these same contacts that China facing a  civil war as well. CHICOM Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, has attracted the loyalty of some of the Chinese military as well many local governments. There is a separatist movement forming in China and it is presently manifesting in Hong Kong as I believe that the CHICOM suppression of dissent and disobedience is being beta tested in Hong Kong. This is a direct threat to XI as he appears to be in hiding. There is widespread speculation as to his whereabouts

Wei Fenghe made a speech last year that caught the attention of many as he called for the use of race-specific weapons to wipe out the United States in order to occupy his territory for its abundance of natural resources. This paragraph represents what has already been covered on the CSS. However, what has not been covered with Paul Preston, in his role as President of the New California movement has found out. He enjoys his support from the Trump administration and he, in turn, receives much valuable intelligence from the Feds. Paul tells the story that Xi is aligning against his version of the Deep State, headed by Wei Fenghe. Xi’s resistance to his version of the Chinese Deep States as is Trump’s resistance. Both men are, according to Paul Preston, are on a parallel path.

Trump’s sending of 10,000 troops to India is telling. I would not be surprised if there is not a false flag event in the South China Sea and China is framed and the event leads to war with China. Trump and XI are desperate is this their way out?