An Area 52 Facility Is In My Part of the World


I live about 10 miles from the Toyota Proving Grounds. However, it is easy to believe that they are doing more than just testing the news Toyotas. In the past several years, I have witnessed the following:

1. Multiple UFO sightings, notice I did not say "Aliens"

2. For 8 months big cement haulers went to the Toyota by the dozens every single day. 

3. A few years ago, I witnessed 2 canopy trucks carrying soldiers in Woodlin cammo, and their rifles traveling in two trucks to Toyota. I almost caught them but they were waved in by the guards without stopping. Combat troops in my quiet area of the world?

4. Speaking lf the Toyota guards, they are armed with M-16's. After the soldiers entered, I drove up to the gate and asked when the next tour started. The one guard told me to turn or around or they'd have me arrested. I said "Just one more question, since when does Toyota arm the guards with M-16s and I asked if they were military contractors"?  I was again threatened and valor is sometimes the better part of discretion. 

5. There are two stooge houses with very strange antennas. One house, sitting off by itself, has 2 fullsized RV's and a fleet of white cars. The property is fenced in with the type of fencing that most could not scale. We are investigating. 

6. I am told by an expert that the Google Earth photo is 10 years old. 

7. I have asked neighbors of Toyota for their feelings and they it is very strange out there. Before we moved into to our home, we had a family member, that is Toyota's neighbor, that they always see UFO's. 

8. I have learned, today, that Toyota is developing secret weapons (eg new style Humvees that make no noise).