The Real Story Behind the Fake Smollette Attack Is Not Being Told

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Sometimes in this business, it necessary to obtain information but agreements are made about what can and cannot be said, especially in a public forum. With the public now understanding the the constraints that I am operating under, I am revealing what I can in the hope that someone from the Independent Media will take up the mantle of serious investigation in order to say what I cannot. I do have permission to pursue this option.

Smollette and the Nigerians

It is well documented that Jussie Smollett told police on Jan. 29 that two men attacked him, yelled homophobic and racial slurs, poured bleach on him, and put a rope around his neck. Local and national media have reported that investigators are looking into whether the incident was staged. The Chicago Police Department has indeed stated this is the case and Jussie Smollett has been charged with filing a false police report and faking his own hate crime. But wait, there is much more to the story. I am bound by a confidentiality agreement with a Confidential Informant (CI) and I will not violate it. However, I can say the key to understanding the Smollett case does not lie with Smollette himself. It lies with the Nigerian brothers who were allegedly hired to stage this fake racial attack. Everything about these Nigerians needs to come under scrutiny including the three men who are principals in this case. I am in receipt of a federal agency source who claims that they have knowledge that the staged attack upon Smollette had the participation of a federal agent, but not necessarily the federal agency to which he/she belonged. I know that this is vague, however, the source is reliable and I do not burn sources and never will. The obvious purpose of this fake attack was to promote heated racial division and to bring into drama the participation of LGBT political interests because Smollette is admittedly gay. This also has the fingerprints of George Soros because this is just the kind of thing he does repeatedly to promote civil discord by manufacturing racial incidents and promoting them to incite racial division that culminates in violent public protests. Because I am bound by my obligation to the CI, I'm limited to saying the following:

  1. The key to understanding this case lies in the court of the Nigerians.
  2. Their attorney is someone whose background should be looked at. I am having trouble figuring out her real name. Perhaps there is a perfectly understandable explanation, but I found it interesting that her name, as I understood it, is Gloria Rodriquez. However, in the public appearances and press releases this attorney has made on behalf of her Nigerian clients, she used the last name of Schmidt.  There may well be an understandable explanation.
  3. I have been told by another source that this Smollette plot originated within a government agency. I cannot confirm that, but I know that there is federal complicity on an individual level.

The Attorney's Formal Name Background

As I said, perhaps this attorney has perfectly good explanations for the multitude of names and possible aliases connected with her personal and professional background. [caption id="attachment_39719" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Attorney Gloria Schmidt on Fox News[/caption]

Married to Husband 1 (divorced):
Gloria Virginia Mendoza Schmidt (IL Bar Registration)
(Aka) Gloria V. Schmidt
Married to Husband 2:
Gloria V. Rodriguez
All Names:
Gloria Virginia Mendoza
Gloria Virginia Mendoza Schmidt 
Gloria V. Schmidt
Gloria V. Rodriguez Gloria Rodriguez
Here is the Public Domain Bar license info attached:
Full Licensed Name:  Gloria Virginia Mendoza Schmidt 
Full Former name(s):  None 
Date of Admission as Lawyer by Illinois Supreme Court:  November 10, 2011 
Registered Business Address: The Gloria Law Group 9 N County Suite 202 

I ask again. Who is she? Given what I have found, how can she not have a former name attached? In her press release to Fox News concerning the Nigerians, her name was listed as Gloria Schmidt. Here is what I have determined which might be a starting point for any investigation. Remember, this does not mean this attorney has violated any ethics or laws. Everyone connected to the Smollette case needs to be looked at.


What I can say is that this event has Deep State written a over this. It is just the first of many things to come. Stay tuned, Paul Martin and I are releasing a major story on related to ISIS and domestic terrorism. This is how the news cycle is going to go. The Democrats are losing badly on many fronts and they need a game changer. And if someone would take this story that I have gift-wrapped for the Independent Media and run with it, you will see how close we came to having many violent racial issues connected to this event.