Why Trump Will Not Win the 2020 Election (Part 1)


Periodically, over the next week, The Common Sense Show is going to cover the three reasons why Trump cannot win the General Election in 2020 unless he is willing to do what he has refused to do in the first two years of his Presidency, which is to regulate the media mafia we call Big Tech. The three reasons why Trump will lose and America will have a Communist President can be summarized in three areas as it can be stated that Trump will because of the following:

  1. Using George Soros' Voting Machines and Other Related Voter Fraud
  2. Voter Early, Vote Often and Illegal Means the Democrats Employ to Steal Elections
  3. The Failure of Trump to Curtail Social Media Censorship In the Face of Illegal Censorship of Trump's Primary Base of Support

The first installment of this series will cover, number three on this list, the failure of Trump to support his base.

Legal Clarification

Before commencing with this first part of the series, a layman's review of the legal principles involved in this series needs to be reviewed. First, open forum laws states that an online entity cannot censor on their respective platform, or they will be held accountable for all posts on their site such as posts on child porn, drug sales, etc. Ted Cruz challenged Facebook at Senatorial hearings on this same topic. This could mean serious jail time for the purveyors of the social media platforms if this legal principle were to be enforced. The second area of concern relates to the monopolistic control of a particular business area. Anti-Trust legislation covers major concerns with the social media mafia. Google, for example and as will witness later in the article, clearly demonstrates that abusing one's monopolistic control of an area of the media can and does influence elections. In short, the federal government should have already regulated Google, Facebook and Twitter and forced them to break up their monopolies under the Sherman and Clayton Anti-trust acts.

The Failure of President Trump to Support His Base By Enforcing Open Forum Laws and Anti-Trust Legislation

President Trump could not have won the 2016 election without the support of the Independent Media (IM), and he will not win the 2020 Presidential election without the same support from the IM. Ask yourself a question America, if the IM was the not the deciding factor in the 2016 election, why have the Big Tech companies invested billions of dollars to censor the IM through such practices as shadow banning, hiring rogue groups like the SPLC to monitor the sites of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter? It has cost the social media industry billions in perfecting software an hiring social justice warriors that will demonitize patriots, shadow ban subscribers from ever seeing the releases of patriot websites and video producers and the outright deplatforming people like Mike Adams. This all happened because the IM kicked the backsides of liberal media entities such as CNN and now the corporate controlled media. In September of 2018, I was attending Steve Quayle's conference in Branson, MO. In a private meeting at a local hotel in Branson, I was bemoaning the fact that Trump was not supporting his base by not enforcing existing laws against social media censorship. One of the participants in the conversation immediately put me in contact with a person who speaks to Trump on a regular basis. I detailed my legal concerns and this person who had regular access to Trump, was actually taking notes. He communicated to Trump my concerns and in the following week, Trump stated that he was going to enforce federal law against social media. After that, Trump made an announcement that had some of the elements that I had outlined to his contact, but in actuality, nothing happened. The conversation was also witnessed by Doug and Joe Hagmann and we discussed this event on their radio show.

The Meaningless Gesture of Trump's Executive Order

With regard to the repression of free speech, Trump has done absolutely nothing to stifle the illegal censorship of the IM. Some have pointed out to me that Trump recently issued an Executive Order levied against universities to withhold their federal money if they don't honor free speech and he is clearly moving in the direction of fighting back against censorship. Unfortunately, this is a only a symbolic action that carries absolutely no punch. Imagine DARPA contracts for the development of a $100 million dollar weapons system with Arizona State University. Do you think anyone in the federal government is going to pay attention to the Arizona State University's social justice warriors stifling the free speech rights of an 18 year old kid and subsequently cancel the contract? I have some swamp land in Florida to sell if you believe that be true. Trump's Executive Order is merely a symbolic action which I suspect is designed to placate people like myself into thinking he is doing something about social media censorship. Trump's lack of support for his base is so much in evidence, that the President will not even defend Mike Adams from having his website being deplatformed over playing a video of the Mosque massacre in New Zealand which clearly demonstrates the fact that the event was a false flag. Both Australia and New Zealand are threatening American patriot websites. The IM is burning and Trump is fiddling.

The Study Which Proves the CSS Is Correct With Regard to Big Tech's Impact On Illegally Influencing Elections

  Dr. Robert Epstein is a San Diego-based Harvard Ph.D. who founded the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies and  is aa  Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), as well as a  UCSD visiting scholar, and served as editor-in-chief of Psychology Today., an this researcher also supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, In other words, this researcher, if he has a bias, he would clearly e classified as an extreme leftist. Yet, his recent study pointed out many of the concerns I have regarding social media and their inherent ability to illegally influence elections. From Breitbart's recitation of the research results:

Epstein says that in the days leading up to the 2018 midterms, he was able to preserve “more than 47,000 election-related searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, along with the nearly 400,000 web pages to which the search results linked.” Analysis of this data showed a clear pro-Democrat bias in election-related Google search results as compared to competing search engines. Users performing Google searches related to the three congressional races the study focused on were significantly more likely to see pro-Democrat stories and links at the top of their results. As Epstein’s previous studies have shown, this can have a huge impact on the decisions of undecided voters, who often assume that their search results are unbiased. Epstein has called this the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME)  Sometimes, research results are so clear that they need very little  iation and this one of those times.


The question we are left with after presenting Part One of this series is, Does Trump want to win the coming election or not? His support base is left twisting in the wind and is being held hostage by illegal censorship practices of the left. Trump's inaction against social media censorship, particularly when the law is on his side, is inexplicable and inexcusable. It is a mystery as to why Trump is blowing his chance to get elected.