Waukesha and Kenosha Are Connected by Time, Geography and Intent to Create a Fake Race War Distraction Taking Attention Away A Criminal Marxist Government


Wisconsin is the battleground for creating racial disharmony in order to take attention away from the left's ongoing Boshevik-Marxist revolution against the of the United States.

The Event In Waukesha

Waukesha, WI., officials stated that 11 adults and 12 juvenile patients were transported to six area hospitals. Most of the medical conditions were not clear in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. Officials, however, did state that there were multiple fatalities but declined to say how many people had actually died as of late last night. 

The following is a telling report in the immediate aftermath of the incident 

Citizen Free Press stated the following:


Eyewitness — ‘It was a black guy with dreadlocks.’

Creating A White Supremacist Identity for Rittenhouse

During the Rittenhouse trial a racial overtone was created by the media and leftist politicians. See below andthis fact is exposed,in detail, later in the article. 


Ongoing White Supremacist Trials; Carmen Maria Machado on "In the Dream  House"; IATSE Contract & Alec Baldwin Shooting | KPFA

More racism is introduced in Wisconsin in the two tragic events. 

This was sent to the CSS in the early morning hours following the tragic event:

Leftists on Twitter reacted to the deadly attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha on Sunday night by mocking the "poor white people" who were hit, blaming "white supremacy" and claiming the driver was acting in "self-defense" à la Kyle Rittenhouse.

OTHRSource CEO Mark L. Feinberg reacted to the slaughter by saying "perhaps it was self defense from the crowds" and mocking the deaths of "poor white people."

In the same publication, Feinberg echoed more racist rhetoric which now cast the event into the category of a racial retaliation event:


Proximity In Time and Geography

The race card is already being played. We need to keep in mind that  the Rittenhouse verdict was only 48 hours old when this tragedy took place in last night. Just far is Kenosha from Waukesha?

Map from Waukesha to Kenosha

It is only a 55 minute drive between the two beleagured cities. Given the time and the geography, there is no way that these two events are not related as a fake narrative is being created. The left is dedicated to creating a racial narrative, they even labled Rittenhouse a White Supremacist even though the 3 people he shot were white! The Prosecutors were White as were the Judge, the defense attorney and Rittenhouse himself. What do we know about the alleged perpetrators?

1. There are three suspects

2. They are all Black

3. One suspect was apprehended

4. It is elieved that all of the Waukesha victims are White so the racist narrative can be used as a distraction. 

Americans have reached a boiling point and the Left needs to redirect their attention away from the present Marxist and very criminal administration. 

When news of this event reached The Common Sense Show, the immediate reaction was that this was a false flag event designed to stoke the fires of racial conflict in the country! Why? Because there is a "Red Wave" sweeping the country.

The racial distraction is needed because average people of all races have had enough of marxism, high taxes, leaving 1000 Americans behind in Afghanistan, food shortages, rampant inflation, not being able to afford to drive to work, the undermining of the Constitution, open borders, rampant child-sex trafficking from border interlopers, increased deadly cartel presence on American soil, stolen elections, the sexual perversion of young children in government schools, the Attorney General's corruption and financial motive related to protecting Critical Race Theory in American public schools which flies in the face of MLK's admonition to judge people by their character and not their skin color, the constant attacks upon white people, racist policies of the Biden administration, attacks upon inheritance, attacks upon the food supply, the food supply chain,the supply chain in general,  unconstitutional mandatory vaccines, loss of jobs over failure to submit to vaccine mandates, the gutting of our military, the treason of Milley, the continual use and intent to use Dominion voting machines, fake absentee ballots, declaring school board protestors to be domestic terrorists, continual fake claims of racism on the part of the left, whites should pay reparations, the marxism that overtaken universities, the $5b given to the NEA to pervert America's school children, the intent to tax the appreciated value of private homes thus endangering private home ownership, Fauci's exposed biowarfare against America, the attacks upon the middle class, the attacks upon small business to the benefit of the large box stores and there is no end in sight ot federal tyranny under the Biden administration. 

Most of America has had enough! The Left needs a game changer. I have previously written that America has entered the false flag zone. Although the forces of Soros was directed at attempting to start riots in the aftermath of the Rittenhouse verdict, the efforts largely failed, so a second strategy, a Plan B, had to be employed.  

It is apparent that three identified Black operatives were recruited to stoke the flames of racism. Look at Feinberg's tweets listed below. Look at the recruited three suspects, they are all reportedly Black and we see that the "poor White people" has already commenced. This is part B of let's the race war started so that the attention can be taken off the Red Wave that is sweeping the country.  

Recruit three rogue Black males with George Soros money, run down dozens of White people, and the distraction is on. America, don't fall for the rhetoric that we are in a race war! We are not! We are in a civil war that is being disguised as a race war by the left. Mourn the Waukesha victims, however, keep your eyes upon the marxist criminals running our nation. Don't be distracted by Soros recruits!