The Democratic Party Is Breaking Apart Thanks to Ocasio-Cortez and George Soros


It is a common practice for the extreme left to promote division within the American people an a classic divide and conquer strategy. This approach is effective if one wants to plunder a nation, destroy the culture and overthrow the governmental structure, then George Soros and the Democrats have mastered the art of divide and conquer. If the liberals can keep everyone else at odds (eg black vs. white, gay vs straight, pro-life vs pro-choice, etc), this strategy can serve as a distraction to keep eyes off the invasion of this country that is underway under the direction of the Deep State. It is indeed ironic that this same strategy is visiting the liberals and is causing a potential great divide among major players in both the Deep State and the New World Order. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez's (gang-Green-New Deal) is not only alienating conservatives, it is having the same effect on liberals and some of their prime organizations.

A Cross-Sectional View of the Gang Green New Deal

When we take a look at the collective lunatic views of  Alexandria "I don't know what branch of government I was elected to"  Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren, Kamala "I slept my way to the top" Harris, they speak to some very unsound economic policies that would alienate ANY business, be it liberal or conservative including the following lunatic views which can serve as a snapshot set of examples to illustrate the economy destroying policies of the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party.

  1. Private ownership of cars will be eliminated.
  2. For both business entities and individuals who make more than $10 million, they will be taxed anywhere from 70% to 90% of their income. This is counterproductive as it will make it impossible for anyone to realize a profit. Why work?
  3. Every building must be retrofitted according to Agenda 2030 specifications or be torn down.
  4. The elimination of all private health care.
  5. Extreme carbon taxes similar to what set off the Yellow Vest riots in France.
  6. Elizabeth Warren openly advocated for redistributing wealth at gun point.
  7. Since farmers supposedly account for 14% of green house gasses, a farmer is going to be reduced to subsistence farming. what will that do the country and its food supply? Can  you say famine?
  8. The entire Gang Green Agenda is predicated on the unproven science of man-made climate change. The unbelievable goal arising out of this nonsense is the goal of having ZERO emissions.

The Purpose

As previously covered on the CSS, Ocasio-Cortez is a useful stooge of George Soros. The Gang Green New Deal serves the undeniable purpose of an economic hit man. If only a small portion of this toxic economic plan was to be implemented, the American economy would sink faster than a submarine with screen doors. This means that Wall Street and other globalist-friendly corporation will take a major hit as the Soros/UN plan wreaks havoc on America. Remember, America must be taken down in order that the New World Order, in the form of the United Nations, will emerge as the world's political authority. In a November 2018 story covered on the CSS, it was revealed that the United Nations was openly stating that they would be the world's authority by 2030.  

Ocasio Cortez echoed this sentiment when she said the world would be destroyed in 12 years, if we did not adopt her green agenda.

Amazon and the Green New Deal

It is amazing what one can find hiding in plain sight. The Green New Deal is not Ocasio-Cortez's idea. Amazon actually wrote a book on the very same thing with the very same name in 2010. Here is an excerpt of the of the book review for Amazon by  Edward Barbier:

...the short run challenges of reviving the worldwide economy need not mean sacrificing long run economic and environmental sustainability. A Global Green New Deal (GGND) is an economic policy strategy for ensuring a more economically and environmentally sustainable world economic recovery. Reviving growth and creating jobs should be essential objectives. But policies should also aim to reduce carbon dependency, protect ecosystems and water resources, and alleviate poverty. Otherwise, economic recovery today will do little to avoid future economic and environmental crises. Part One argues why a GGND strategy is essential to the sustainability of the global economy. Part Two provides an overview of the key national policies whilst Part Three focuses on the global actions necessary to allow national policies to work. Part Four summarizes the main recommendations for national and international action, and discusses the wider implications for restructuring the world economy towards "greener" development.

The author charged with taking this position was  Edward Barbier. Here is his background as one can see he is a total globalist:

Edward B. Barbier is a Professor in the Department of Economics, Colorado State University and a Senior Scholar in the School of Global Environmental Sustainability. His main expertise is natural resource and development economics as well as the interface between economics and ecology. He has served as a consultant and policy analyst for a variety of national, international and non-governmental agencies, including many UN organizations, the World Bank and the OECD. He has authored over 300 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, written or edited 22 books, and published in popular journals. He is consistently ranked among the top cited environmental economists...

There are number of conclusions that I have arrived at with regard to Barbier and the green movement as a whole. First, and aside from Barbier's direct influence, the Green New Deal is not the creation of Ocasio-Cortez. During her Congressional campaign, I stated that I had discovered that she was being backed and probably financed through dark money from George Soros and the United Nations. One look at Barbier's background, the link is clearly established. The link I am referencing is to the topic of the Global Green New Deal and the UN, the World Bank and the OECD proves Soros-United Nations collusion in the Ocasio-Cortez Gang Green New Deal. And really, does anyone who thinks that Ocasio Cortez was smart enough to conceive of any form globalist goals when she cannot even name the branch of government that she was elected to? If so, the one is not paying attention. More t0 the point of Barbier's involvement is that it strongly appears that he is a person who supports various green initiatives but appears to be committed to limiting the damage to certain industries. Barbier's book , in this instance because Amazon said they will not coexist with Ocasio-Cortez's monster. In a blog post, later released as a "scientific study" by Barbier and his colleagues entitled How to Pay for Biodiversity, Barbier et al argued that world cannot afford true environmentalism and therefore, they must apply a silver bullet type of approach (eg saving marine life). It is very easy to leap to the conclusion that this is Amazon's way, the big corporate way, of avoiding the economic damage that would be caused by widespread environmentalism to various business interests. Barbier's approach is to masquerade as a true environmentalist while limiting the damage. If anyone cares to dispute this conclusion and follow his approach. It certainly is not unrestrained environmentalism. Barbier's theme is peaceful coexistence between the corporate and the environmental work. And this describes why Amazon has parted company with Ocasio Cortez and does not support her agenda.


What I have discovered is that the globalist corporations want environmentalism for everyone else except for themselves. Further, this is causing a major rift in Democratic Party interests, especially among the large donors, the ones who win elections. Amazon's protest against the Green initiatives of the Party was manifested when they pulled out of New York, Ocasio-Cortez's home state. The Democratic vote could be split by Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks as this Democrat has announced his opposition to Ocasio-Cortez and to the Green New Deal. This division in the party is great news to conservatives because this split in the party could hand the 2020 election to Donald Trump because the Democratic vote will be split. Thanks goodness for Ocasio-Cortez and the Soros strategy to use her to destroy the American economy, because it is backfiring.   .