Understanding the Science Created by God Can Help You Become What You Were Created To Be!

truth hunters

This is one of the most uplifting interviews ever conducted on the CSS. Lyn Leahz takes to the place that will allow all of us to maximize our potential by removing fear and replacing it with faith in Jesus Christ. Recent scientific discoveries validate Lyn's scientific insights. By the way, who do we think actually invented REAL science, not the fake science based upon control and manipulation? Undoubtedly, it was the Lord, the creator of all beauty and truth! 

Understanding these concepts can help free your mind from fear and allow the Holy Spirit guide you into what you were created to be. 

Lyn's TV show is named Truth Hunters and the link to her many informative presentations can be accessed by clicking here.  


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Ronald Pierce  Ronald Pierce4 hours ago

Great program! Lyn is a true sister of the Lord. Been watching her for a long time.

Tonya H  Tonya H6 hours ago (edited)

Lyn and Dave thank you so much for this word. This is the 4th time today that I’m hearing to praise and cast out fear and I needed to hear this so much so God Bless You!

Super Fantastic Super Fantastic57 minutes ago

Dave, great show, awesome guest. Can u please spell her first & last name & include in the title? So ppl can find her content??

Barry Kelly Barry Kelly6 hours ago

Fantastic. Dave this is your finest hour. Your guest is very knowledgeable. TY