Our Cognitive Dissonance Will Be the Death of Us All

cognitive dissonance

I can write about what is entertaining and sensational, or I can write about what America desperately needs to hear. America is at a crossroads. We could have a month, a year or two years to win this battle with the globalists, or it will be too late. Over the next week, I am detailing why this is true and just how much anger we are in. The purpose of this article is to illustrate where we are at as precursor to a call for action.

Despite Overwhelming Evidence, Cognitive Dissonance Rules the Day

Cognitive dissonance rules the day in America[/caption] Cognitive dissonance rules the day in America. Cognitive dissonance is where an individual, despite overwhelming evidence refuses to believe how much danger they are in because to do so, would require embracing a new reality which is accompanied by a scary paradigm shift. It is easier to distract oneself with their electronic devices as the walls close in on our collective freedom. This describes over half of our country's citizens. I have been through this dilemma and suffering under it for 12 years. Back in 2014, when everyone wanted to focus on the extreme corruption of the Obamanista administration, I was writing about how terrorists had combined with drug cartels and were forming paramilitary forces equipped with formidable weaponry which would someday constitute a threat to our Southern border.. My sources came from the DEA (2 very prominent agents), the Border Patrol (2 agents), the FBI, DHS, Texas Rangers and Central American expert, Kathy Rubio who was an eyewitness to some of these paramilitary training camps in El Salvador. Also, in 2014, I wrote about how the UN and Deep State elements of DHS were practicing catch and release with MS-13, the known assassins for the drug cartels. I gave extreme attention to the ISIS/drug cartel base camp 8 miles from El Paso, that was exposed by the relentless research of Judicial Watch. I also covered how the UN was stockpiling its military vehicles in places like Hagerstown, MD. Since 2016,  I have also detailed how the forces of CALEXIT were conspiring to create an economic collapse of the US as well unleash mass casualty terror starting in California. Also, in California, Paul Preston and I detailed the globalist doomsday plan for California which the destruction of California's dams which would destroy 13% of America's agricultural supply. Then the plan was to hand over the land to the Communist Chinese, through land sales orchestrated by  Senator Dianne Feinstein's husband, real estate mogul, Richard Blum. I have detailed the number and type of foreign troops on our soil as sanctioned by the Obama administration since 2012, complete with photos, videos and eyewitness accounts. I have documented who (eg Soros) and what is behind the waves of illegal immigrants coming to our nation. Every credible member of the Independent Media will cheer what I am about to say. Many of us are frustrated with cognitive dissonance on display by over half the country. There are some who are ignorant enough to believe that life under the United Nations will be no different than it would be under the Constitution. This is the type of apathy that allowed the Germans to be seduced by Hitler. How well did that work out for the millions of Germans that were killed in WW II? We are under attack from multiple angles in America. These attacks are deliberate attempts to destroy America. The subversive groups are many and they are widespread. People will ask me "Dave, who is the threat? Is it the Russians? Is it the Chinese? Is it the Deep State operatives of the Democratic Socialist Party? Is it the drug cartels? ISIS? MS-13?" The answer is yes! It is all of them and more, because it takes a lot to bring down a nation like America. For most of Americans, they will wake up when blue-helmeted Chinese and their tanks are patrolling the streets of America and FEMA camps are open for business. Cognitive Dissonance is like a drug. Its effects can numb us and protect us from reality, but only for so long. America is paying a steep price for its collective ignorance. Oh, and yes, those of you who are awake, yet do not devote significant time to wake up others, are also part of the problem.

I Have Seen Hell and We Are Living In It

I am in the midst of series related to who and what is behind the attempted take-down of America. I have been a member of the Independent media for 12 years. I have done battle with the corrupt forces of John McCain and won, but spent some very frightening nights wondering if I was going to be able to save my home from the clutches of the New World Order. I have been shot at while broadcasting on air in an interview with the late Jim Marrs. I have seen hell because we are ultimately fighting against Satan's minions. In my work with Enron, I have seen the dismantling of a major corporation on trumped up charges in order to suppress technology that would have changed the planet and lessened the control that the globalists have over us. From my father's work with captured Nazi scientists, I have learned that the Nazis were never really defeated. Jim Marrs wrote a book about The Fourth Reich and we are living under their Deep State control. Yet, despite overwhelming evidence many Americans want to bury their Deep State induced cognitive dissonance as America slips into the annals of history. I never make time frame predictions, however, it might be time for my first. From what I am seeing, we have maybe, two years left. It is clear that the Deep State plans to gain full control over our government and you by the 2020 election. I am critical of many delays in action by President Trump, but I understand why he does not act. He is the leader of a counter-coup movement that has usurped power in this country. These forces control the politics, the media, entertainment and even sports. These forces watch every move we make, every breath we take, because their algorithms are determining who is naughty or nice and ultimately, who will be allowed live and who will be put to death. For Trump to battle these people, he needs the popular support of the people, not its attitude of apathy.


I am in the middle of writing a series which is clearly identifying the forces behind the subjugation of you and your family, whether many blinded Americans realize it or not. We are in the midst of a revolution, a civil war and World War III all at cone and it these variables are ready to be thrust upon us in full force. Americans are literally having the kitchen sink thrown at our country. The destruction of the Republic is at hand and it is time for all hands on deck. Instead, we get mealy mouthed morons who talk about 300 genders, universal basic income, the loss of the Constitution, the death of Christianity, the continuing murder of 70 million babies and we wonder why God has abandoned our nation. There is an event that is coming at the end of this month that could tip the scales in the direction of America. However, an ignorant nation will never see or seize the opportunity to get our country back under the control of people who are sane and Christian. It is up to you 10% who are awake. In the following articles, it will be made clear we need numbers marching our side. If we do not convince people of the danger that we are already in, it will be too late. This is your manifest destiny, America. Will you seize it?