Why Is America the Loneliest Nation on the Face of the Earth?


The lonely are not just sadder; they are unhealthier and die younger.

In previous times, the telephone was a unique way for people to stay connected. Modern technology has given us many new ways to stay connected such as email, Youtube, MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook, and texting. Do you think people's use of these is a reaction to American loneliness? Do you think technology helps alleviate loneliness? Are there other factors that are exacerbating our national and collective sense of loneliness that has invaded American lives. Americans are among the most loneliest people on the fact of the earth. 

Technology Rules Our Lives

America is a technologically advanced nation, the most advanced nation on the face of the planet. However, America has never been lonelier, one of the most lonely nations on the face of the Earth. Cell phones and high technology bills are our best friends. Texting has replaced dinner conversation and when people lay their heads down at night, the pain of loneliness creeps in. And then when the feeling of despair becomes omnipresent, we need someone to blame and there is CNN and the rest of the MSM telling us who to blame. 

Christ Is No Longer At the Center of Our Lives

Many studies show that the Christian religion has declined from 90% to about half of the country actively embrace Christianity. In many cases, Satanic cults have taken the place of Jesus. The net effect is that, in particular, our young people are spiritually bankrupt. 

The Globalist Attacks Upon the Family

Have you ever noticed that the globalists attack any semblance of the God-ordained family? Every perversion is embraced. As a result, families are smaller, thus providing less opportunity to be intimate. Young adults are choosing to not date and marry. The result is loneliness and has even led to the disgusting rise of sex bots. This was something that even Rod Serling predicted on the Twilight Zone in the 1960's. 

Being Lonely and Your Health

A LiveScience article from 2006 analyzes a University of Chicago study that found a correlation between loneliness, high blood pressure, and an early death. Among people 50 years or older, the lonely had blood pressures 30% higher than those who did not describe themselves as lonely. Higher blood pressures can lead to heart disease, the second cause of death in the United States. One in five Americans described themselves as lonely, a "gnawing, emotional state that is a patchwork of feeling unhappy, stressed out, friendless, and hostile... . Lonely people who are middle-aged and older tend to also have problems with  higher rates of cancer, alcoholism, drug addiction, clinical depression, higher rates of heart disease, weak immune system responses to illness of all types, impaired sleep and suicide."


At the heart of our loneliness is Big Tech, they are making record profits at the expense of our natural desire to socialize. The next time you are out to dinner, look around you and what do you see? A nation of texters instead of a nation of people that are not connected emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.  Here is the rest of this depressing story!!!


At the center of the solution is Jesus....