Using Night Vision to Procure Food


 by Aden Tate

 If you're in China, you spread the word about cannibalism. People in post-World War 2 Europe, turned to prostitution for a single can of food.

Lack of food makes people do stupid stuff.

Hunting is an obvious means of putting food on the table, but it's often not as simple as it sounds. I spent all of the last deer season without ever seeing a single stupid deer. How many mornings did I freeze my butt off sitting on a log staring off into the distance only to see squirrel after squirrel?

Though it's typically highly illegal to hunt many animals at night (there are exceptions, and I suppose I'm mainly thinking about deer), if we're looking at a post-collapse, WROL environment, that's not really an issue that you have to think about. And this being the case, I think that there is a case that can be made for why you would want to hunt at night and how night vision can help.

Let’s take a look…


I do think that Jericho had it right when they showed how collapse led to every bubba out there putting venison on the table, ultimately leading to a collapse in the white-tail deer population. However, you want to be that bubba.

Anybody with hostas can tell you how deer come out late in the night to eat everything you’ve just planted the day prior. Why? Because deer are partially nocturnal. Studies show that whitetail deer tend to graze in open fields until around midnight, bed down in the woods for a few hours, and then wake up and resume grazing a few hours before sunlight – only this time in “upper woodlands.”