EVERY AMERICAN COMMUNITY IS AT RISK! The Drug Cartels and Their Democratic Party Friends Are Everywhere

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I just interviewed, for a pre-recorded broadcast and interview with Marilyn Rupar. She detailed how illegal aliens are being recruited to such post-secondary institutions as Texas A&M, University of New Mexico and over a dozen others. They illegally give in-state tuition to illegal aliens and these same people are rushed through an advanced degree program, in diploma mill fashion, and the illegal aliens are leaving these institutions with undeserved advanced academic credentials. The diploma mill experience has been expanded to American citizens of Latino descent and again, advanced academic credentials are falsely bestowed upon beneficiaries of these illegal programs.

Subsequent to the diploma mill situation, the top of these people are recruited, just as happened with the Justice Democrats and Ocasio-Cortez and these people are groomed with these fake credentials to run for political office. As we have learned and Marilyn Rupar exposed, many are also pretending to be Republicans and they run for District Attorney, City Council, County Commissioner, etc. Local politics is beginning to see this phenomenon in greater numbers. Marilyn Rupa also exposed the fact that these people are fast-tracked to being judges and we now why know so many bad legal decisions are being made. Many of these people who are recruited are gangsters. Many come from the Sinoloa drug cartel.

These people are everywhere and anywhere all at once. There is much more to this story which will be aired and run this Sunday on The Common Sense Show.

Everywhere and Anywhere

Since Marilyn Rupar, Alexandra Daley and myself began to expose the Chinese/Sinoloa cartel takeover of Humboldt County, CA., I have been inundated with stories of the takeover of our communities by these criminal elements. The most disturbing element of this takeover is the high degree of corruption of elected people, who are Democrats. Clearly, these social Democrats are dedicated to tearing down our existing political system and destroying our culture in order to usher in a new order, one that they hope they will have a prominent role in shaping.

Here are examples of communications I have received since I wrote my first article and analysis of Humboldt County. If you are new to this betrayal by key Democrats and how complete this invasion is becoming, be prepare to experience a wide range of emotions from anger to betrayal to dismay. America, just as the Russian defectors of the 20th century predicted, is being conquered from the inside.

Dear Dave Hodges:

I used to work with Kamala Harris in the Alameda County prosecutors office. We all knew that she and her key staff members were providing cover for the pedophiles of the Catholic church. What really surprised me was the fact was that she would meet with gangbangers before releasing other gangbangers. I never saw her take a bribe, however, she was close with shady looking characters that had to be gangsters. Harris was sleazy and she embarrassed her office with these kinds of associations. Thanks to you and Alexandra for exposing her activities while in that office……. For my safety, please withhold my name.

Here is another observation from a retired law enforcement officer in California.

Dear Dave,

I am a retired and decorated police officer who worked for three decades in a large police force in California. I was told that when I retired, I could be recalled by the Federal government for deployment. It is meant to be a military-style draft. I am sure you can verify this because we all had to sign this with our retirement papers.

I have seen what you and your guests are talking about. There are threats and intimidation that accompany criminal gang activity in California, that originates from the drug cartels. The cartels work in absolute anonymity as they come and go. We arrest, and our corrupt commanders release. It gives a new meaning to catch and release, doesn’t it?

Please keep exposing California’s dark side, we in LEA appreciate what you are doing.


Here is an excerpt from a mainstream media outlet (1)  in Ohio proclaiming the existence of the Sinoloa Cartel.

...The Sinaloa drug cartel, once run by one of the most wanted men in the world, El Chapo, is right here in Northeast Ohio. It's a drug-trafficking ring moving large amounts of drugs from Mexico onto our streets.

"I don't think people understand how significant and embedded it is in Northeast Ohio," said Keith Martin, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Cleveland's Drug Enforcement Administration.

Authorities recently found a stash house in a Maple Heights neighborhood and another on Cleveland's west side...

In total, I have received almost 30 communications this topic. I only included two of the emails and one article in a local paper. However, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that we are being occupied. This threat is growing exponentially and it will continue to multiply until we rid the country of these social democrats and purge these interlopers.

1.  Mexican cartel moves into Northeast Ohio, three-year investigation sends 19 to federal prison