Humboldt County Is the Epicenter of the Invasion of the United States


America has been invaded and the epicenter of this invasion is located in Humboldt County, CA. This invading army is exporting its erosion of law and order the undermining of the United States to all parts of the country. This article will continue to dig deeper into this invasion by exposing the layers of this invading army for from the eyes of many Humboldt County residents. From Special Correspondent to the CSS, Marilyn Rupar:

The Sinoloa Cartel has been operating in Humboldt for some time. Here's a few articles from 2018 -( also attached) A comment was made in one of the articles that there are Sinaloa members in most small towns in the US -  The person making the comment added: "you will never know we are here". They often appear to be farm hands and low wage worker - but work for the Sinaloa Cartel.

Article: Seriously Wanted: Mexican Drug Traffickers in Northern CA, USA -Borderland Beat

On  November 16, 2018, Borderland Beat published a report which, in part stated, "After a several month-long investigation, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force (HCDTF) has identified  Rodrigo Moreno Rios (aka “Shorty”) as one of the primary leaders in a Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) in the Eel River Valley.   Moreno Rios is believed to employ multiple individuals who assist in the delivery of heroin to Humboldt County communities. (Note -The Eel River is in Southern Humboldt County near Garberville).

More Sinaloa Cartel Heroin in Northern CA- Borderland Beat

On Nov, 15, 2018, Agents previously received information that Jaime Laveaga-Nava , age 29,  from Sinaloa, Mexico  is a member of a Drug Trafficking Organization who is currently distributing heroin throughout Humboldt County.

In another report, agents previously received information that Jaime Laveaga-Nava , age 29,  from Sinaloa, Mexico  is a member of a Drug Trafficking Organization who is currently distributing heroin throughout Humboldt County. On June 10 2018, it was announced that Federal and State officials were cracking down on the Sinoloa's again. Why wasn't this reported in the national media? Why aren't Pelosi and Feinstein, both California members of Congress outraged by this? Is tis why they are opposeIn some areas, drought and more growing tolerance has driven some cartel and other illicit grows off remote Public Lands and closer into more urban areas with access to Municipal water supplies. “There is a lot of money to be made right now ... doing it the wrong way,”  disenfranchising  border security, because they are making money on these enterprises. A good case can be made that Feinstein is making good money on these endeavors and this will be exposed in a later article. Dave Hodges Note: Isn't it interesting that Congress, as a body, could declare that there is no emergency. Does this speak to the depths of this invasion?  

A Humboldt Local Speaks Out On CSS' Youtube Channel

User name, Shannon Dill, self-claimed resident of Humboldt County, has spoken out about the quality of life. The most revealing information in her message is that the Guatemalans have move into Humboldt.Why is this significant? It is important because the Sinoloa Mexican drug cartel are using the Guatemalans to transport the drug and they are also used to eliminate competition, which means killing and/or blocking the remaining black marketeers.

You can deal tons of heroin here and nothing happens if you get busted.....A tranny killed a guy with knife in arcata got no prison time ….the list goes on and on and on.....this place is trash....hopefully moving within 2 yrs ….oh almost forgot the cancelled womens march because it was to white but we know the real truth wink wink....oh almost forgot this also a lot of Guatemalans etc have arrived so pretty much this has turned into a shit hole.....

I have been saying that much of the drug profits are being siphoned off to support CALEXIT. CALEXIT, as Paul Preston and I have been saying, is an attempt to withdraw California from the Union and bankrupt the country (ie retail apocalypse) and to bring famine to the US and various parts of the world (eg withdrawal of the Central Valley's crop yield). For 30 months, Paul Preston and I have been saying this. My colleague, Marilyn Rupar, sent me the following Joe Rogan interview which is very timely and pertinent to our discussion about the current invasion going on in our county.

Fom Feb. 26, 2019  - Joe Rogan Experience #1253 with Ioan Grillo Ioan, Joe's guest, is a journalist who lived in Mexico - and worked very closely with the Cartels. He talks about many of the same things I shared with you in the interview. It will give you an insider's view of the Cartels, their murdering methods and the killing culture within the Cartels... His guest spent many days with the Cartels and knew them personally.  He lays out the history of the drug trade in California - and even says the governor of California was involved in the drug trade 'way back then'

Former Humboldt County resident, Marilyn Rupar makes the following observation about the Rogan interview and his knowledge of the cartels:

Rogan appears to be unaware that the Cartels ARE HERE - as he says he is scared that they are so close to the US... Rogan and his guest both are saying drugs should be legal...  So, I'm wondering if this program, which is from Los a propaganda piece to sell legalizing all drugs - - and especially what you've mentioned regarding corporate dope farms and taxes for CALEXIT. We know where this train is going.


We know where this is going is an excellent comment. We have been invaded and as this series will reveal, several prominent politicians are involved including the bulk of the former Obama cabinet. America has been invaded, only the invasion is not yet arrived on our Southern border, the roots are located deep in the country and emanate from Humboldt County.  What most do not realize is that Humboldt County is not just exporting drugs, murder and mayhem. They are actively invading other communities. Law and order are being eroded all across the country (eg Del Rio, TX). The fabric of our society is being eroded from within.
There is indeed a standing army invading the United States. However, it is not a conventional army. Humboldt County, CA is quickly becoming the United Nations of terrorism, murder and drug trafficking while the elected officials may be the most compromised public servants on the planet and this includes law enforcement. As this ongoing series will reveal, we are dealing with American political traitors, Sinoloas, the Chinese, the Mexican government and the foot soldiers from the cartels and terrorist organizations (eg ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood).
Previously on the CSS, it has been irrefutably established that the Sinoloas are part of an international conglomerate of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, MS-13, paramilitary forces training in El Salvador (Kathy Rubio) an the CIA. And as previously revealed on the CSS, this unholy alliance was put together by the Sanchez-Parades drug cartel (the Peruvian Army) as revealed by two DEA agents who served in Peru. More to come....