Win Your War Against the Prince of Darkness

win your war

I would like to hear about your positive experiences with a Bible-based church. One that is unafraid to tackle the controversial issues of the day as well provide a scriptural-based guide on daily living which helps people deal with the life's challenges. 

There is a church in Scottsdale, AZ, called Trinity Church. There is a high energy, electric atmosphere in the worship services. I feel like I am attending the NCAA basketball March Madness. Unlike many pastors that preach a highly sanitized version of scripture which does very little to challenge its Christian membership, this church, pastored by Mark Driscoll, takes no spiritual prisoners. My main argument against most churches and pastors today is that they attempt to preach the word of God without applying the teachings to the real and sometimes, very dark problems facing modern society. Many well-meaning pastors cower in the face of controversy and are afraid to challenge their flock. The major cause of death in America today is abortion. How many of our pastors are willing to make that statement? How many of your pastors will ever utter the words "Planned Parenthood"? If they do, I want to know who they are and where they preach, so I can hold them up in praise. 

I posted the cover of Pastor Mark Dricoll's book, Win Your War, as the cover photo for this article. The book reads, in small part, like a Christian-based synopsis of the GENSIX Conference in Branson, MO this past September. I felt comfortable in the presence of the presenters at the conference. Pastor Mark Driscoll would have been an excellent fit for the conference. In one of Pastor Driscoll's sermons he off-handedly asked if recently sighted UFO's were actually demonic. I highly recommend his book, Win Your War This is a link to Pastor Driscoll's "sermons page":  It speaks for itself. The current series he is currently preaching is titled the same as the book, Win Your War. Here is my synopsis of Trinity Church.