2022 Reddit thread gave us more ‘predictive programming’ about Ohio, predicting entire state would be evacuated, as Ohio residents outside of ‘danger of death’ zone are now falling ill


by Stefan Stanford 



Babbling the exact same nonsense that we’ve heard for much of the past few years about the ‘vax’ that we now know for an absolute fact is killing people left and right, that we should be ‘trusting the science,’ we agree with a recent comment left on this ANP story by reader “tooold2giveashit”: “We have the most corrupt government in the world as of now with this demented administration…”

With Regan’s crazy remarks made the day before this Daily Mail story came out, reporting one East Palestine family, who lived OUTSIDE of the ‘danger of death zone,‘ was left coughing up blood after the disaster, with the creek water near their newly purchased home there turning blue and wildlife disappearing in staggering numbers, just think about this the next time you think about the imposter in the White House; Biden’s government ORIGINALLY REJECTED FEMA disaster aid to East Palestine, Ohio, while he’d been more than happy to send American taxpayers dollars to Ukraine so that they can wage war and push our planet closer to nuclear Armageddon. After the public pounded him, Biden reversed that decision

Giving the American people from the East coast to the West coast a great reason to carry out a ‘tax boycott’ this coming April 15th, as any govt using taxpayer money to carry out an unjust war pushing us towards mushroom clouds while neglecting the truly-needy American people shouldn’t be supported by anybody, let’s take a look at this Daily Mail story reporting on what residents are now dealing with before we continue.:

The first obvious sign was the dead fish bobbing in their creek and a toxic blue film on the water

But now there’s something else missing from one Ohio couple’s woodland ‘paradise’ home two miles from the East Palestine chemical train disaster: Birdsong and the constant chitter chatter of squirrels. 

The massive acrid black cloud that spewed from the fiery wreck engulfed Nathan and Kelly Izotic’s property within 24 hours of the February 3 disaster, carried by a westerly wind.

Compounding the couple’s personal tragedy, water that feeds the winding creek near their house is fed from a supply directly contaminated by the catastrophe.

The environmental and potentially lethal fallout from the Norfolk Southern rail company’s ‘chemical bomb’ derailment attacked them on two levels. 

Since then, they have been struck with agonizing sickness and coughing up blood, and now fear a cancer diagnosis in years to come due to two known carcinogenic chemicals from the fiery cloud of the crash. 

The couple is facing an environmental catastrophe on their newly bought 15-acre property. Wildlife has fled and they now believe they might never bounce back. 

As DailyMail.com walked with them through their woodland as they tested toxicity levels in the brook, chemical lab technician Kelly revealed: ‘We had red and gray squirrels through this property, constantly chitter chattering to each other. It was pretty loud. 

‘And now there are none. They’ve gone completely because of the toxicity all around them right here. ‘

There’s no small birds either. They were everywhere, but they’ve taken off. That must tell you something.’ 

The couple, who live outside the mandatory evacuation zone that was designated ‘danger of death’, were forced to leave their home nonetheless the weekend after the Friday derailment when they started feeling violently sick. 

Within 24 hours we had burning noses, burning lips, chest congestion, sore throats and headaches, big, big headaches,’ said Kelly, 45.

‘My German Shepherd dog Diesel kept throwing up and was lethargic.’

Yet despite all of that, and a guarantee of much more pain to come with this environmental tragedy having truly just begun, the fact that the biden cabal doesn’t think what happened there meets the definition of what needs to happen to receive FEMA aid tells us all we need to know. Maybe if the people of East Palestine were from Ukraine, or Mexico, the biden cabal might think differently? Our prayers go out to ‘Deplorable Susie‘ and all of the residents of Ohio and surrounding areas.

While we told you just days ago about the predictive programming‘ incident surrounding the Ohio train derailment with a movie titled “White Noise” featuring that exact same scenario coming out in 2022, with some of the ‘extras’ from the movie who played ‘evacuated families‘ actually having to evacuate in real life due to the real derailment and toxic cloud release just months later, we recently ran across another bizarre thread over at Reddit which came out almost 8 months ago titled “The Ohio Exclusion Zone – What if something bad happened to Ohio tomorrow?”

Featuring the map seen above which claimed “IF YOU ARE IN THE RED ZONE, EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY,” with it further warning “Debris and toxic material originating from the state of Ohio may cause cause intense pain, permanent internal damage and even death,” take note the map was brought to us by the fictional “Emergency Ohio Evacuation Committee” and its’ warning of a June 15th of 2022 disaster in Ohio came to us months before the real disaster, as if somehow they knew.

And while the map seen above showed the entire state of Ohio to be in the ‘evacuation zone‘ while showing the surrounding states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan to be ‘states in the most danger,’ it also showed most of the East Coast, as well as West throughout the entire Midwest, to be in the ‘Ohio exclusion zone,‘ as if they foresaw the farming and environmental disaster to come.

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