The 3 Phases of the Globalist Takeover of America Has Just Completed Phase 1-Americans Are the Target of Phase 2


I am working on the biggest story of my journalistic career. Soon, details will be presented which make the information gleaned from Hunter Biden’s laptop seem like child[s play. However, before releasing this information, it is important that present the information to an audience that is ready to hear it and understand the implications. Therefore, preparatory articles must be prepared in order to erase as much of the ignorance related to the general population as possible.

The mainstream media (msm) is being used as a tool to convince the American people that the election is over, there was no fraud and even if there was fraud it would not make a difference because the vote totals are too large to overcome. All of these statements are false. Recently, Trump’s legal representative, Rudy Giuliani told Fox News (NY) 5 that the President’s claims had been disproven as hearsay in court. The two Fox News NY 5 anchors are liars. Only allegations have been brought in court, no discovery or testimony has taken place. All of the President’s active lawsuits have been yet to be considered. There are over 5,000 affidavits, offered under the penalty of perjury in which election officials, many of them Democrats have alleged voter fraud and other election wrong doing. Yet, the MSM simply wants the country to ignore the emerging facts. I would also like to point out that Al Gore was given 37 days to have his day in court with regard to the 2000 election. Why are the Democrats and the MSM so determined to sweep all the evidence under they carpet as they proclaim it is time to move. However, Biden’s extreme leftist elf, George Stephanopoulos, says the same rules that protected Gore’s 2000 campaign interests should not apply to Trump and his supporters in a case of “rules for thee, but not for me”.

The mainstream media is controlled by 6 entities. As far as global conspiracies go, this is simple. America would be wise to disconnect from the MSM entirely, so they can fully see what is coming. What is coming is being obscured by the MSM. For example, it is clear that the Democrats and their media minions are doing to the “two-step” in which they say “No evidence of fraud and if there is, it is not enough to make a difference”. This is how they are neutering all opposition. 

Why are the Democrats and their MSM gophers in such a hurry to bury this fraudulent election. As South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem, would have you correctly believe that there are many moving parts to this election, the fraud and the various motives for fraud. Although Noem did not fully elaborate, it is likely that she knows what I know about the stakeholders behind this coup.

The 3 Phases are encapsulated below:

  1. There is the Democratic Party itself. Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Clinton, et al, knows exactly what we already know. The Democrats cannot legitimately win a non-compromised election without massive cheating. Election and voter fraud is as much a part of campaigning that media advertising and public appearances. Democrats are simultaneously political whores and gypsies all rolled into one. There are no exceptions. If the Democrats were the only entity in this coup, Americans would have to settle for tax and spend, high interest rates, expensive and unproven climate change policies and evisceration of all Constitutional liberties. But what lies ahead for America is far worse than this.
  2. The controllers of the Democratic Party are the Deep State who are well-paid operatives that are paid to bring about the fall of nationalism and rise of globalism out of the ashes that they create. The most notorious are names like Kissinger, the late Brzezinski and the controllers in the Democratic Party who have names like Clinton, and Pelosi. Soros may be the most infamous administrator of the group. Their job is to create the national chaos that will lead to a national fall and the rise of the infamous new world order. Cancel culture best reflects their desires which embodies the phrase “out of chaos comes order”. Taken for granted practices such as the accumulation of wealth, private property, etc., will go by the wayside. Their goal, as evidenced in the TPP in which Trump destroyed is typical of the corporatocracy that will befall our former country. In short, America, you are being pushed into a form of neo-feudalism in which you will own nothing, are exploited for your labor, will possess no civil liberties and will be part of a systemic and planned depopulation agenda as the latest group of “useless eaters” will be systematically exterminated.  In order for this socialist utopia to come to fruition, America and all opposition to the takeover must be destroyed. The information related to what I am going to release has to do with depopulation and the destruction of every American’s life. Even if Biden-Harris have a smooth transition to power, and we must remember that these people are Bolsheviks. at their heart, and the Bolsheviks have never had a major regime change without a holocaust, a purge or whatever you want to call it. As President Trump has stated, “they are after you, I am just in the way”.
  3. The final group embodied by this take over of America and the subjugation of the entire planet, through schemes such as economic destroying COVID lockdown schemes, the fall of the entire planet is underway and turning the corner towards completion. Who makes up the membership of this group. You have heard of the leader. His name is Satan. He has an inner circle which includes the Pope and others who are filthy rich, but you will never know their names as all aware people are too afraid to speak the names. Their intent is to kill every human being. They are progressively destroying us, because if humanity ever united under the Lord Jesus, they would be destroyed.

One more noteworthy point should be mentioned. The manner in which they keep the people of the Earth from rising up is to created financial allegiances from lower-level minions such as the Clintons. This is the most elaborate multi-level marketing scheme in history. However, their Brownshirts (ie Clintons’) will be cast aside as all Brownshirts are and have been throughout history!!!

Group #3 in this power base is in the process of enabling the  New World Order and they will destroy the average person before completing the same task on their own. More on how they are going to do this in the next installment of this series.